VIDEO: North Carolina Officer Rescues Man from Burning Apartment

A helmet camera worn by a firefighter captured Waynesville (N.C.) Police officers rescuing a man from a burning building last weekend.

Haywood County firefighter Gabe Burch arrived on scene to a blaze at an apartment building around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, with a personal camera attached to his helmet, WLOS TV reports.

The footage shows Burch approaching the scene and putting his oxygen mask on preparing to battle the fire, when Waynesville Police Officer Zack Raymond sprints past him to grab a ladder. Officials say Raymond had spotted a man on the second floor screaming and banging at a window, unable to get out.

The video is dim, but viewers can make out two policemen holding the ladder steady while Raymond climbs up to rip the window open with his hands and pull the man to safety. The camera then shows Burch picking up a fire hose, continuing to battle the blaze.