T3 Motion, Inc., today announced it has signed an agreement with America's largest police and emergency vehicles upfitter, MHQ Municipal Vehicles, to distribute the revolutionary T3 Series vehicle in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Established in 1979, MHQ Municipal Vehicles is the largest supplier of police and emergency vehicles in the United States of America. MHQ has equipped more than 43,000 special purpose vehicles over the past 28 years. Fifty percent of these vehicles are specifically equipped for law enforcement purposes. In addition, MHQ equips and services vehicles for Federal Government, Fire, and EMS agencies nationwide.

Citing significant increases in the demand for the T3 Series vehicle, Neil Brooker, President of T3 Motion, Inc. stated, "We are tremendously enthused to team with MHQ in the distribution of the T3 Series." He added, "We went through a thorough audit of the potential avenues for distributing the T3 Series in the Northeast. Without doubt, MHQ provides the professionalism, service commitment, image and one-stop shop experience we want for our customers."

About the T3 Series:

Reaching speeds up to 25 m.p.h. and designed with the input of law enforcement and security industry professionals, the T3 Series feature a zero-degree turning radius and compact design-perfect for maneuvering through crowds and tight spaces. Also unique to the T3 Series is the most user-friendly intuitive operation of its kind, giving the rider a sense of superior stability.
The quiet environmentally-friendly zero gas emission vehicles include an integrated LED lighting system and an incomparable low cost of operation -- running for less than 10 cents per day and never requiring any down time due to the T3's two re-chargeable, lightweight batteries that can be easily swapped out while in-use for continual deployment and an unlimited range.

T3 Series Features:
  • High-performance vehicle with a zero-degree turning radius for
     improved maneuverability in crowds and tight spaces
  • Two rechargeable and interchangeable lightweight power modules for
     constant use without down time
  • Capable of reaching speeds up to 25 m.p.h. for the quickest response
     possible without officer or personnel fatigue
  • An instinctive vehicle with easy-to-operate controls and responsive
     steering that allows officers and security personnel to focus on
     response to the situation
  • A 9-inch raised platform providing a superior vantage point but still
     allowing for interaction with the community
  • Robust cargo capacity of 450 pounds (rider + equipment) includes the
     ability to tow personnel and equipment/cargo trailers

Additional T3 Series Features Specific to Law Enforcement and Security:
• Integrated LED lighting system
• Fully-compliant headlights, brake lights and running lights
• Audible siren and yelp horn
• Lockable glove box for storage
• Optional GPS-enabled tracking system
• Optional on-board video camera system