Zistos Corporation announces the Portable Network Surveillance Camera (PNSC) system, which offers a built-in radiological alarm sensor as an option. The PNSC is designed to provide a turn-key solution for field surveillance and radiological monitoring applications, where no power or pre-existing networks are available. This self-contained, self-powered system allows for dynamic deployment of single or multiple video surveillance cameras in the field.

The PNSC is rugged and completely weatherproof. It consists of a pole-mounted day/night camera with a vari-focal lens (allowing adjustment of the lens magnification), mounted to the carrying case. It’s available with either covert IR or white light illumination. Video information is transmitted as IP data using a wireless 802.11 transmitter to any pc or laptop equipped with a wireless 802.11 interface.

Up to six PNSC cameras can be viewed on a single computer using the standard configuration (expandable with additional hardware). Motion alarms can be programmed into the system to indicate changes to select areas of the video image. An optional built-in Gamma alarm sensor can annunciate elevated radiological levels along with the video.

System applications include:

construction site surveillance, school sporting event security, hostage barricades, VIP and mobile asset security, special event security, and many others. The PNSC is ideal for law enforcement, disaster management and homeland security applications.

For more information visit www.zistos.com.