A crowd of more than 500 people marched in Louisville, Kentucky, to show support for their local police force in the wake of the much-publicized death of a black male shot by Louisville Metro Police.

The marchers criticized the media for focusing only on the negative side of law enforcement and failing to report on the good that the department does for the community and its people.

Bridget Abell organized the rally, as well as the group Citizens for the Fair Treatment of Police—an organization now just six weeks old. “Hold your head high,” she told officers in the crowd.

The group marched to a downtown square where people gave speeches and testimony of how police officers had touched their lives.

A group of protesters met at the square, as well, holding signs demanding justice for the death of Michael Newby, fatally shot by Officer McKenzie Mattingly six weeks ago.

According to Police Chief Robert White, during an attempted undercover drug buy, Mattingly and Newby struggled over Mattingly’s service gun, which discharged. Newby ran and the officer shot him three times in the back. A gun and drugs were found in Newby’s waistband.

But Abell said her group is not about the incident, that the group and its rally are meant to show support for all police.