Specialty uniforms for specialized units are common today. In the "olden" days, one uniform pretty much held sway unless you were a motor cop or a mounted unit. With the need to police dangerous or downright dirty areas, the one-piece "jump" suit is gaining favor.

Propper is a company famous for its lines of military uniforms. You'd recognize their stuff if you've ever seen a military pilot wearing his O/D green flightsuit. Yup, that's Propper. Consequently, they know a thing or two about how to keep a uniform together in one piece when the going gets tough.

The Tactical Patrol Suit (a brand-new design) will be sure to gain favor among cops of all walks of life. Why risk $250 worth of dress uniform when you can crawl into a Patrol Suit and get to work without scuffing the knees of those $150 wool pants! Speaking of knees, the Patrol Suit has double reinforced knees and elbows for all you tactically-minded SWAT guys who spend as much time on your hands and knees as on your fallen arches.

Pockets? You want pockets? We counted and lost track at around eight. We're talking big, bellows pockets with button flaps and even drain holes on the bigger ones. The rugged belt loops can handle a 2 1/4-inch Sam Browne easily and are tough enough not to come off during a scuffle. The leg hems have that all-important drawstring and there are even epaulettes to keep the dashing tactical look going strong. A real plus are the four (count 'em), four, underarm sleeve vents to help keep you cool during those frantic minutes trying to find a good place to have lunch on duty. Propper's thought of just about everything here.

Their factory is ISO9001 certified, which means they really know what they're doing. The government's particularly sticky about such things. So, it looks like the rest of us mortals can now benefit from all that technology in the form of the new Tactical Patrol Suit from Propper.