3D Public Safety Tech: Paving the Way for Court-Approved 3D Documentation

UPCOMINGJune 6, 2024 1:00pm CDT
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In-Depth 3D Documentation: Explore the transformational impact of 3D technology on public safety, from crash scenes to crime scene analysis.

Seamless Transition to Court: Learn how these detailed 3D reconstructions can serve as the bridge to court-approved evidence.

Grant Insights: While the focus is on the tech, gain ancillary knowledge on grant opportunities that can support your department's technological advancements.

Real-World Applications: Hear from experts about the practical application and integration of 3D tech in the field.

Tech Empowerment: Equip your team with the know-how to elevate public safety documentation and indirectly support stronger judicial proceedings.

Meet the Speakers
Jeff Voyt
Jeff Voyt
Market Segment Manager