Forecasting the Future: Trends and Predictions for Law Enforcement in 2024 and Beyond

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With continued scrutiny of law enforcement, a looming presidential election, and advances in technology, the landscape of law enforcement is poised for significant evolution over the next decade.

Join us for a forward-thinking webinar that brings together seasoned experts, thought leaders, and visionaries in the field of law enforcement, as we delve into anticipated transformations within law enforcement training and operations in 2024 and beyond.
By the end of this session, agencies will be equipped with the insights needed to navigate the changing tide successfully.

We’ll discuss:
  • Legislative changes and policy shifts that may impact operations
  • Training mandates that impact officer skillsets and preparedness
  • Role of law enforcement in communities and changing training needs
  • Evolving nature of crises and emergencies and how to adapt strategies to effectively respond and mitigate risks
  • Advancements in technology that are shaping law enforcement and how these innovations are becoming an integral part of enhancing overall effectiveness and efficiency
Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and prepare your agency for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Register now and be part of the conversation shaping the future of law enforcement!

Meet the Speakers
Ari Vidali
Ari Vidali
Founder and Chief Strategist
Acadis by Vector Solutions
Brian Grisham
Brian Grisham
Deputy Director
Lon Bartel
Lon Bartel
Director of Training and Curriculum

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