How to Elevate Your Investigations: Embracing the Latest in Digital Forensics Software

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Digital forensics software tools are evolving quickly and getting a MAJOR overhaul! Long known for their reliable, repeatable & forensically-sound collection, processing and analysis, these modern solutions also feature intuitive interfaces that help you to bypass irrelevant data and focus on the most important evidence first. The newest generation of forensic tools will intelligently categorize and display data artifacts in plain sight to help you pinpoint key evidence FASTER. Take a closer look at how software technology can give you a leg up in any type of investigation including CSAM, narcotics, and fraud cases, as well as internal investigations and post-incident analysis.

In this webinar you’ll learn how you can:

  • Eliminate the hours you spend manually digging for the data types you’re interested in
  • Quickly locate important evidence like images, videos, messages, websites, passwords, and dark web activity
  • Use comparison timelines to give visual context around case evidence and identify where to start your investigation
  • Create automations to reduce manual tasks and get evidence to examiners in half the time

Meet the Speaker
Justin Tolman
Justin Tolman
Forensic Subject Matter Expert

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