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How Livestreaming 911 Calls Makes Officers More Effective and Efficient feat. Cpt. Don Redmond

What if police officers could hear 911 calls as they happen in real time? Hear a discussion that answers this question, with first hand experiences in this episode on Coffee Break with Police Experts.

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In this POLICE Coffee Break video, POLICE Editor David Griffith chats with Captain Don Redmond of the Chula Vista (CA) Police Department about how livestreaming 911 calls directly to officers improves response times and gives officers critical information that leads to better outcomes.


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⏱ Timestamps ⏱
0:00 Introduction
1:00 Chula Vista PD’s involvement in developing the Live911 technology
1:56 Benefits of live streaming 911 calls
2:57 Improving de-escalation
4:00 More accurate information for officers
4:52 Managing incoming information with Geo-Fencing
6:21 Increasing Officer Safety
7:47 Officer Performance
9:01 Continuous improvement through PD feedback
10:26 Helping other agencies adopt the technology
11:20 Success Stories



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