Digital Copy Camera

The Polaroid DMC IE is a high-resolution digital camera. Although originally designed for use with a microscope, the camera serves a dual role in the laboratory when taken off of the scope and mounted on a copy stand. An inexpensive, off the shelf, "C" mount, and a 35 mm camera lens is all that's required to start using the DMC as a high-resolution (1600 x 1200) digital copy camera.

It takes little time to become fully aquainted with the software. Specialty features include: real-time preview of the image before you capture it, automatic color balancing of your light source, a size reference scale, simple annotation, and a complete set of contrast filters to help eliminate backgrounds when photographing fingerprints or documents (demonstrated in photos). One photo shows the print over a blue background. The other shows how, by using the software's blue contrast filter, the background is reduced, and the print clearly stands out.

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