One of the flagship products of the JW Fishers video line is the high-tech, but economically priced SeaLion-2 ROV. It's a highly maneuverable remote controlled vehicle.

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The flagship products of the JW Fishers video line are two high-tech, but economically priced ROVs, the SeaOtter-2 and the SeaLion-2. These highly maneuverable remote controlled vehicles have a four-motor propulsion system providing all the necessary power to work in ocean currents and descend to depths of up to 1,000 feet. The SeaLion-2's "Power Boost" feature provides it with an extra burst of speed in high-current situations. The 2,200-lumen LED lighting provides vivid images in low-visibility environments, and high-resolution front and rear color cameras both have pan and tilt capability. Weighing only 45 pounds, the ROV is easily deployed and recovered by a single person.

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