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Digital Ally to Feature New Products, John Elway at IACP Conference

Digital Ally Inc. will highlight a number of its new advanced video surveillance products at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Exposition, October 3-7 in Denver, Colo. The Company will be exhibiting at Booth #1012, where John Elway will greet attendees on October 5.

Digital Ally Inc., which develops, manufactures, and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security, and commercial security applications, announced that it will highlight a number of its new products and product features at the 116th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Exposition, October 3-7 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colo. The Company will be exhibiting at Booth #1012, where John Elway will greet attendees on October 5.

John Elway Appearance

Digital Ally is also pleased to announce that John Elway will be available to greet conference attendees and sign autographs at the Company's booth from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Monday, October 5, 2009.

"We are delighted that NFL legend and two-time Super Bowl champion John Elway will join the Digital Ally team at our booth at the IACP Conference on Monday afternoon," stated Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally, Inc.

New Products Featured

In addition to Digital Ally's popular DVM series of In-Car Digital Video Systems (DVM-500 Plus, DVM-750), the Company will feature two new advanced digital video products that it will be shipping to customers during the fourth quarter of 2009 - the FirstVu and the DV-500 Ultra.

FirstVu Wearable Body Camera

FirstVu is a highly compact, solid state digital video/audio recorder that can be attached to a law enforcement officer's uniform and is designed to capture evidence on a "real-time" basis. It has many of the features of the DVM series of in-car video systems, without being "tethered" to the police cruiser or other vehicle. Key features include easy-to-use four-button operation with vibrating notifications, infra-red illumination for operation at night or in low-light conditions, a lithium polymer battery for up to four hours of continuous operation, pre-event recording capabilities, high-resolution video that records to reliable solid state memory, an integrated GPS with "mark" feature to record exact locations, and both LED and covert modes of activation. It features secure internal memory with USB download, as well as convenient removable SD cards to access evidence. Encoded AVI videos or JPEG images may be easily viewed on standard systems.

"FirstVu is a law enforcement-quality small, hands-free, one-piece, wearable, weather-resistant digital body camera that can record video and audio, or photograph evidence, wherever the job requires, day or night," noted Ross. "It allows police and other law enforcement officers to record criminal activity and other evidence in 'real time,' without having to be in close proximity to their vehicles. Prototypes of this new product have generated tremendous excitement among law enforcement agencies, and we expect to begin shipping FirstVu to customers in the fourth quarter."

DV-500 Ultra Motorcycle and Watercraft Video System

The Company will also highlight its new DV-500 Ultra multi-purpose, all-weather digital video/audio system designed for motorcycles, ATVs, and watercraft at the IACP Conference. As previously announced, Digital Ally began shipping the DV-500 Ultra to customers earlier this month.

The DV-500 Ultra is a complete digital video/audio system that utilizes the same advanced technology as Digital Ally's DVM in-car video systems, with no moving parts to be affected by vibration, but specifically designed for the harsh weather and environmental conditions encountered by law enforcement motorcycle, ATV and watercraft officers. The waterproof DV-500 Ultra is small, compact and durable and offers multiple mounting options for a variety of transportation applications; records vehicle data along with video and audio evidence; has internal battery backup and GPS "mark" capabilities; and can be fitted with an infra-red zoom camera and automatic wireless download options.

"The DV-500 Ultra will significantly bolster the ability of officers to record criminal activity and other evidence, regardless of the type of transportation equipment they operate," added Ross. "Versatile and powerful, the DV-500 Ultra has been designed for installation on different types of motorcycles, security carts, all-terrain vehicles, boats, and other watercraft operated by police and sheriff departments, security officers, marine patrol agencies, parks and recreation or fish and game departments, the U.S. Coast Guard, and other law enforcement organizations."

"We believe the new products to be featured at this year's IACP Conference will significantly expand the 'addressable market' that Digital Ally can target in 2010 and future years. When combined with our DVM-500 Plus and DVM-750 in-car video systems, our product line has been expanded and upgraded to provide features that have been requested by many of our customers. The availability of FirstVu and the DV-500 Ultra allows Digital Ally to offer a highly robust line of digital video/audio systems that can accommodate the needs of virtually every law enforcement agency that relies upon vehicular or personal access to criminal activity events. This greatly expands the variety of situations that can utilize the high-resolution video and audio capabilities of our advanced digital technology," concluded Ross.

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