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Batteries by Impact Power Technologies Boost Government Purchasing Vehicles for Securewatch24

Multiple SW24 products will now harness the energy of IPT's exclusively formulated Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries, providing customers with high-performance, mobile power.

A unique partnership has been announced between SecureWatch24 (SW24), dealer/integrators of electronic and physical security services, and Impact Power Technologies (IPT), known for extended life battery technologies for land mobile and scanner devices.

Multiple SW24 products will now harness the energy of IPT's exclusively formulated Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion batteries, providing customers with high-performance, mobile power that lasts up to five times longer than original equipment batteries, according to the companies.

"To combat shrinking budgets and expanding responsibilities, many municipalities, agencies and school districts have included language in their purchasing guidelines that allows them to utilize existing purchasing vehicles," said Ken Murphy, Chief Operating Officer of IPT. "These listings may allow them to purchase products in a more simplified and uniform way without the headache of RFP development and the bidding process."

Impact Power Technologies is now listed as an authorized manufacturer under the following state and local purchasing contracts for security products and services held by SW24:

SW24 services end-users in a range of verticals, including education, hospitality, government, public safety (Law, Fire, EMS), healthcare, construction, major retailers, residential/housing, and more.

"In each case, there is a need for advanced security technologies such as access control, video management, RFID tracking and other application-specific solutions," Des Smyth, president and founder of Securewatch24, said. "Every application requires a more dependable, longer lasting power source—particularly one that is mobile," he added.

"The new generation of security technology is mobile," explained Smyth. " Mobile applications require batteries that last a substantial amount of time. Any security company that's designing technology and isn't taking the latest battery advancements into consideration is behind the curve. We believe that IPT is doing state-of-the-art research and development."

"Separately, both IPT and SW24 have reputations for engineering forward-thinking technologies," Murphy said. "Now, working together, we've already started developing initiatives that will eradicate many security-related obstacles by creating portable, faster, IP-based, data-driven equipment powered by custom-designed super batteries."

Armed with the mindset to break new ground, and facilitated by the NCPA, HIRE and OGS contracts, both companies see a bright future for their end-users.

As Ken Murphy puts it: "It's important to be in business with other companies that are also pushing the envelope. This partnership will mesh the best of the best, and give customers from every industry an optimized solution."

About Impact Power Technologies

Headquartered in Braintree, Mass., Impact Power Technologies (IPT) LLC, designs and manufactures portable power products for land mobile communications, bar code scanners, UPS systems and portable printers. IPT's mission is to provide the highest quality control and customer support in the industry. IPT's proprietary Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion chemistries, combined with their exclusive Battery Management System (BMS), guarantee the maximum run time, recharges, and lifespan. IPT's engineers can custom-design battery solutions for almost any need. IPT's Technology Center in Stuart, Fla., works with ISO-9001, QS-9000 certified production partners in the United States, Asia and Taiwan.

About Securewatch24 LLC

Securewatch24 is a leader in technology-based security services specializing in property protection and management, utilizing enterprise-class integrated video surveillance, video streaming and analytics, wireless monitoring, license plate recognition, access management and intrusion prevention and detection systems and other services. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, Securewatch24's team of professionals includes decorated veterans of the New York City Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation. Securewatch24 also maintains a state-of-the-art national monitoring and operations facility called the Fusion Centre.

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