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Digital Investigation Tool Analyze DI Creates Intelligence out of Visual Big Data

Analyze Relations, a new feature in NetClean's Analyze DI 15.1, is a visual navigation tool that enables digital investigators to dig deeper into case material.

NetClean - provider of intelligence solutions that detect, block, and analyze digital media to create a safer society - has announced Analyze Digital Investigator (DI) 15.1, the newest version of its leading digital media investigation solution.

With the proliferation of digital media – whether in the form of video or photo images – investigators are often forced to manually review and analyze millions of digital files. Although more digital files mean more potential evidence, it's nearly impossible to manually review and make sense of such large quantities of material. Without the proper tools, the process is time-consuming and frustrating for the investigator and missed leads and unidentified connections are virtually guaranteed. The newest version of Analyze DI incorporates Analyze Relations, an industry first capability for visual navigation that actively suggests relationships between millions of images, according to the company.

"Analyze has always been at the forefront of the digital investigative industry, but we have now made the digital analysis process even more seamless," explained Johann Hofmann, product manager, Analyze. "We are excited to introduce Analyze Relations, which gives users the ability to automatically pinpoint and correlate information of interest in what can seem like a needle in a haystack. Ultimately, investigators are able to produce better results and maximize their limited resources."

Typically, investigative tools are static and investigators must know what they are looking for when new images are discovered as a part of an investigation. The process of finding out if those newly acquired images are related to one another or to previously seized data requires manual actions. Analyze Relations offers a dynamic solution that actively helps to connect the dots between images and assists in building visual maps, ultimately furthering investigators' ability to abstract actionable intelligence from visual big data. The software identifies relationships by comparing multiple types of data collected from this type of digital media – including what camera was used, attributes depicted visually within the images, and where and when the image was taken.

Thousands of investigators and forensic examiners in both law enforcement and private industry already trust Analyze, which has the ability to tackle any use case that involves image and video data. Today over 2,500 law enforcement agencies in 30 countries utilize the Analyze platform.

About NetClean

NetClean provides intelligence solutions to detect, block, and analyze digital media to create a safer society. Its solutions are being used worldwide by global companies, government agencies, Internet service providers, and law enforcement professionals.

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