Point Blank Enterprises Acquires Eye3Data

Point Blank Enterprises has successfully completed its acquisition of Eye3Data, manufacturer and distributor of advanced technology solutions for the law enforcement community.

Point Blank Enterprises ("Point Blank" or "PBE"), known for its production of soft body armor and related protective solutions, announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of Eye3Data, manufacturer and distributor of advanced technology solutions for the law enforcement community.

Founded in 2004, Eye3Data is an industry leader in technologically advanced Digital Security Surveillance Solutions. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Company has developed state-of-the art equipment and software to support the fast growing security industry with products ranging from body-worn cameras, in-car audio and video solutions, to evidence management software systems. Eye3Data has initiated several, large implementations for law enforcement, government, public safety, public transit, schools, and commercial outfits, providing its customers with advanced IP Surveillance and CCTV solutions, new body-worn cameras and other security systems which leverage its proprietary software applications.

This acquisition strengthens Point Blank's growing technology portfolio, which includes its own body-worn camera solution, the Intelligence Retrievable Incident System (IRIS). Given the continued integration and convergence of body armor solutions and technology, as well as the expansion of other technology-related products for law enforcement agencies, the Company also announced that it has formed a new business unit – PBE Advanced Technology Group – which will encompass Eye3Data's portfolio of products, its IRIS body-worn camera, and other wireless communications and surveillance products tailored to meet the needs of federal, domestic, and international law enforcement personnel.

Commenting on this announcement, Daniel Gaston, Chief Executive Officer of Point Blank Enterprises, stated, "We continue to both broaden our assortment of protective solutions for all customers and end-markets, and with the acquisition of Eye3Data, have significantly strengthened our offering in new and emerging technology channels. At Point Blank, we never forget that our customers rely on us to protect their lives, and by adding Eye3Data's impressive line of solutions to our portfolio, we have enhanced our ability to provide increased security through technology."

The IRIS CAM, along with Point Blank's hard and soft armor solutions, is designed to provide officers with complete personal protection. Introduced in June 2015, the IRIS CAM was designed to meet the growing demand for law enforcement agencies to provide a visual and audio record of officers' interactions with the public. As more and more agencies across the country and worldwide seek to comply with Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Policy and Implementation Programs (PIP), Point Blank's IRIS solution offers the most efficient and effective approach to achieving agency goals. The system is a high-definition video recording device worn on a person's body. Its small, secure, lightweight, and versatile design makes it a true mobile video recording system and features many of the same benefits of an in-car video recording system but with complete mobility.

Michael Foreman, EVP of International Business Development, Federal Sales and Marketing added, "By combining forces with Eye3Data, we are in a unique position to provide our customers with increased protection and greater peace of mind. Surveillance systems and cameras, for example, greatly reduce agency liability, improve officer safety and promote public safety. Surveillance products also can be used to reduce frivolous lawsuits, increase successful prosecutions and simplify officer incident review and reporting. Essentially, we help our customers in all investigative matters by providing instant access to recorded data, while also protecting officers on patrol by providing a continuous 360-degree view of a situation, which ultimately improves safety. The solutions we offer pay for themselves by avoiding costly lawsuits, reducing insurance costs and improving departmental productivity. They also improve police accountability and can be used to enhance relations between the community and agencies. We're excited with the addition of Eye3Data and look forward to expanding our offering further to better meet the needs of our global customers."

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