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Griffeye Announces Enhanced Ability to Efficiently Analyze Video Content

Griffeye's Analyze 16.1 increases processing speeds and identification of significant material for a wide range of investigations.

Griffeye, intelligence and visual big data platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and managing images and videos, has announced the availability of Analyze 16.1. The latest version introduces a completely new way of reviewing and interacting with video, providing investigators with the ability to more efficiently analyze seized materials and uncover potentially critical information.

Griffeye, part of Safer Society Group, has always supported video analysis and recognized it as an extremely valuable piece of evidence due to the wide range of intelligence it contains. However, while the volume of video produced is growing exponentially, the amount of content an investigator is able to sift through without improved technology remains the same. On average, only a fraction of the video seized – whether it's video produced by a surveillance camera or personal smartphone – is analyzed, leaving content that potentially may lead to a breakthrough untouched.

Analyze 16.1 provides investigators with the tools necessary to quickly find what they are looking for, and most importantly, uncover significant material that may not have been on their radar in the first place. This is made possible by a unique utility that eliminates non-pertinent video and prioritizes information based on elements such as a specific timeframe, noise or movement.

"As our society creates and consumes more video, law enforcement is seeing this type of content play an increasingly important role in investigations," said Johann Hofmann, head of Griffeye. "Whether it is for serious organized crime, fraud, or national security investigations, specialized technology like Analyze can uncover crucial intelligence held within video, helping put together the missing pieces to create a complete picture for investigators."

In addition to its new video analysis capability, Analyze 16.1 includes an open API, enabling users, academia, or industry to more seamlessly integrate external tools. With this update, agencies can easily leverage in-house technology and develop new plug-ins. This integration means images, videos, and metadata ingested into the Analyze platform can easily pass to and from external tools, removing the time consuming process of bringing evidence separately into each application. Ultimately, law enforcement can connect state of the art tools together and use them within the Analyze platform, making the process of analyzing content as seamless and powerful as possible.

"Our goal is to engage with agencies, academia, and industry to create a community of plug-ins, which will be built and shared among our customers," said Hofmann. "Analyze 16.1 demonstrates Griffeye's dedication to meeting the current and future needs of investigators by making it possible to efficiently sort and analyze digital content to close cases faster."

Analyze 16.1 is available immediately. For more information, visit

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