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Impact Power Technologies Awarded Boston PD Radio Battery Replacement Contract

Impact Power Technologies (IPT) won the Boston PD bid against five competitors for conversion of its Motorola XTS 2500 radio batteries to IPT extended life batteries.

Today, the Boston Police force numbers in the thousands and encompasses six districts. Throughout its history, the Boston PD has pioneered innovative strategies and partnerships in order to protect its communities, and has served as a role model for police departments nationwide.

In keeping with its illustrious past, the Boston PD recently forged yet another groundbreaking direction. BPD commanding officers began testing replacement batteries in search of one that was compatible with their Motorola XTS 2500 radios, would last longer, yet cost less than the OEM. Among those tested, one stood out beyond all others—the IPT-9858 LiP 36, one of the Lithium Polymer batteries in IPT's Lifesaver Series line.

However, as with all government agencies, procedure mandates that a Request for Quote (RFQ) be issued and the bidding process be adhered to. Thus, six vendors were invited to bid, including IPT. In addition to having a run time exceeding 30 hours, 900 guaranteed recharges with no memory effect and backed by a 2-year lifespan, each of which were at least triple the OEM battery's capacity, IPT also beat all competitive pricing. Needless to say IPT got the order—600 batteries to start.

"We've always believed that customer testing was the best way to prove the longevity and quality of our batteries," said Ken Murphy, COO of IPT. "We applaud the Boston PD for taking the initiative to test our product, and for having the foresight to replace the standard OEM radio battery with one that delivers the power they need."

For decades, the Boston PD has been a leader in the evolution of law enforcement, often paving the way for other agencies to follow.

Murphy said, "Of all our customer wins to date, the Boston PD will always hold a special place in our company history, not because they are the largest in the state, but because Massachusetts is our home too."

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Headquartered in Braintree, MA, Impact Power Technologies (IPT) LLC, designs and manufactures portable power products for land mobile communications, bar code scanners, UPS systems, and portable printers. IPT's mission is to provide the highest quality control and customer support in the industry. IPT's proprietary Lithium Polymer and Lithium Ion chemistries, combined with their exclusive Battery Management System (BMS), guarantee the maximum run time, recharges, and lifespan. IPT's engineers can custom-design battery solutions for almost any need. IPT's Technology Center in Stuart, FL, works with ISO-9001, QS-9000 certified production partners in the United States, Asia, and Taiwan.

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