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New Report Reveals Issue-Based and Technology-Focused Policies in LE on the Rise

According to the State of Policy in Law Enforcement 2017 Report by PowerDMS, agencies increasingly turn to technology to keep pace with rapidly evolving landscape of policy and hold officers accountable.

PowerDMS, known for its law enforcement policy and training management technology, today revealed the results of its second annual State of Policy in Law Enforcement Report at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia. More than 340 law enforcement professionals, representing 46 states, participated in a survey to reveal what issues are forming policy and training trends in an ever-changing society and how agencies are managing this rapid change.

The report's findings demonstrate a rise in issue-based and technology-focused policies, including those that address body-worn cameras, drones, opioids, and the transgender community. While there is an obvious need for training on these critical issues, agencies across the U.S. still face budget challenges in managing and training officers. As a result, an increasing number of agencies are employing technology to manage these rapidly evolving policies, and provide an increased level of accountability to officers and the communities they serve.

Full results of the survey are available here.

Key highlights include:

  • 73% of agencies agree policies must be reviewed and updated constantly and are most important for keeping officers safe and reducing injuries
  • 70% of agencies are actively looking for new and creative ways to extend agency training budgets
  • 78% of agencies reported they have an increased need for training; however, the data shows that agency budgets are not being adjusted to meet this need

"Policies and procedures are the backbone of any law enforcement agency, and direct our officers toward safety and professionalism. Though powerful, they become obsolete if not updated or communicated properly," said Capt. Jason Thody of the Hartford (CT) Police Department. "With rapidly changing social issues, it is critical that our officers are armed with immediate access to appropriate and up-to-date policies and procedures. Investing in the right technology has helped us achieve this."

The survey was conducted confidentially and included primarily close-ended questions with pre-generated options.

"Our goal with these findings is to help equip law enforcement with the information needed to benchmark best practices, and as a result, improve operations," said Josh Brown, founder and CEO of PowerDMS. "The law enforcement community is consistently challenged to do more with limited resources. Our hope is by providing law enforcement with the right mix of insight, knowledge and tools, we enable them to more effectively and efficiently work to keep their communities—and their officers—safe."

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