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AT&T and Los Angeles Team Up to Make a Smarter City

To foster the creation of a Smart City, AT&T and Los Angeles are in talks regarding a public-private partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) technology and support for the deployment of small cell technology.

To foster the creation of a Smart City, AT&T and Los Angeles are in talks regarding a public-private partnership. With Internet of Things (IoT) technology and support for the deployment of small cell technology, AT&T will work with the city on ways to address the problems that matter most to the people that live, work, and visit there.

"Access to information is the foundation of equality, opportunity, and prosperity," said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. "We are establishing unique partnerships as we deploy new networks and technologies across L.A. — and we're excited to be discussing with AT&T how to empower Angelenos with new tools that could make their lives easier and our communities stronger."

L.A. is at the forefront of using technology and innovation to improve the community. Traffic, natural disaster preparedness, and public safety will be top of mind.

To achieve this, AT&T is exploring the deployment of a variety of Smart Cities solutions ranging from digital kiosks to structural monitoring to digital infrastructure. The deployment of these technologies is expected to benefit all neighborhoods in Los Angeles, helping to provide better connectivity to neighborhoods that have been traditionally left behind in the digital divide.

"We're exploring possibilities with the City of LA to create a technology-first environment that can improve experiences for residents and visitors across the community," said Michael Zeto, Vice President and General Manager of Smart Cities, AT&T. "We're looking to help the city improve problems like traffic congestion and public safety."

To enhance existing voice and data capacity in L.A., AT&T will be looking to deploy a greater number of small cells more rapidly to expand its existing network and begin deployment of a 5G network. With more than 222 petabytes of data running over its global network on a given day, small cells can proactively help meet the demands of customers in L.A. and around the world.

Small cell technology also helps bring increased capacity to first responders. This is in addition to the increased coverage and capacity that FirstNet -- the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America's first responders -- is providing to the L.A. public safety community through the network's Band 14 spectrum build and integration of assets from the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System.

Public safety agencies in the area are already subscribing to FirstNet to take advantage of its innovative capabilities. AT&T will be exploring opportunities to deliver FirstNet services to the L.A. Fire Department and L.A. Police Department to improve their day-to-day communications.

"We're about to witness an evolution in public safety communications and first responders' access to data. This is thanks to the advancements of the FirstNet network platform and the technologies that are being built upon it," said Maggie Goodrich, AT&T-FirstNet consultant and former CIO for the Los Angeles Police Department. "The possibilities enabled by FirstNet can change the game for first responders in L.A. and across the country."

This type of public-private partnership is an example of value exchange for public benefit. By providing a comprehensive agreement, AT&T aims to support innovation, help ensure increased equity in the availability of network access, and address important city priorities.

And AT&T's discussions with the City of Los Angeles for AT&T's Smart Cities solutions are just one way the company is using the Internet of Things (IoT) for Good. AT&T continues social good through its Aspire education initiative supporting students and creators in numerous programs across L.A., California, and the nation. More information on all AT&T's social and environmental sustainably programs is at

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