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NetMotion Software Delivers Mobile Security and Connectivity for FirstNet

NetMotion Mobility is designed to provide police, firefighters, and other emergency responders with highly secure access to critical public safety applications on FirstNet.

NetMotion Software, a leading provider of Mobile Performance and Mobile Operational Intelligence software solutions, today announced that FirstNet has certified NetMotion Mobility and Diagnostics for state and local agencies adopting the FirstNet platform. A component of AT&T's FirstNet contract, NetMotion's Mobility software is a purpose-built, mobile VPN and QoS solution designed to optimize and make highly secure all application traffic on a FirstNet user's device. This NetMotion app is FirstNet Certified and available in the new App Catalog for FirstNet.

"We're pleased that NetMotion is an active member of the FirstNet ecosystem," said Scott Agnew, assistant vice president, AT&T, FirstNet Program. "NetMotion's software provides a critical link to enhance public safety's access to applications they need to achieve their missions. NetMotion has a well-established relationship with the public safety community and longstanding partnership with AT&T. As a FirstNet Certified application, first responders can be confident that NetMotion's software is a trusted solution that meets FirstNet standards for relevancy, security and performance."

"NetMotion has proudly supported the public safety community for over 15 years and we are pleased to continue that support through the FirstNet initiative," said Christopher Kenessey, CEO at NetMotion. "More than 500,000 first responders use our software every day to provide continuous, highly secure access to mission-critical mobile applications. We look forward to delivering this reliability to the broader public safety and first responder community moving toward FirstNet adoption."

Harris County, Texas, the third largest county in the U.S., behind only Cook and Los Angeles Counties, relies on NetMotion Mobility to provide highly secure, reliable access to applications on FirstNet.

"Mobility provides our first responders an optimized, resilient connection to the new public safety broadband network from wherever a call takes them," said Shing Lin, Director of Public Safety Technology Services for Harris County Central Technology Services. "NetMotion's software prioritizes our applications, so that we always have access, even when we're in rural areas. Ultimately this helps deliver the information our officers need to stay focused on protecting and serving the public."

NetMotion's software is a robust, dependable solution designed for mobile users that require real-time access to applications. Key features include: 

  • Seamless Connectivity – Mobility insulates applications from the instabilities in networks, enabling responders to roam seamlessly between Wi-Fi and mobile operator networks without user intervention. This delivers a resilient, "always-on" connectivity experience.
  • Application Prioritization –The software gives IT administrators the ability to create rules regarding access to applications. This capability allows CAD and other mission-critical applications to be prioritized over other data traffic. 
  • Operational Intelligence- Detailed visualization, analysis, reports, dashboards and alerting on networks, users, devices and applications enable teams to make fast operational decisions. Custom alerts, queries and dashboards can also tackle individualized operational needs.
  • Troubleshooting– Automated end-to-end testing and monitoring allows users to track and report on key performance parameters, including network and device configuration, modem and router status, signal quality, server status and location.
  • Security– NetMotion's standards-based security with support for two-factor authentication, device authentication, FIPS 140-2 AES encryption, NSA Suite B encryption and the ability to quarantine a remote device allows IT to protect all data communications on insecure public networks. It also offers application-specific configuration options for all devices and supports customizable and highly secure access to enterprise data.

To learn more about how NetMotion improves coverage and connectivity of mobile traffic on FirstNet and other wireless networks visit:

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