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IACP 2023: Report from the Aisles

A new TASER, a four-legged robot, and a wide variety of drone technology were just some of the highlights of this year’s International Association of Chiefs of Police show.

Ecamsecure's Tech Terrier quadrupedal robot could be seen roaming the aisles. It can run, walk backward, and perform other maneuvers.Ecamsecure's Tech Terrier quadrupedal robot could be seen roaming the aisles. It can run, walk backward, and perform other maneuvers.POLICE

The second post-pandemic International Association of Chiefs of Police conference was held in October at the San Diego Convention Center, and it was a very interesting show.

Like most recent IACP shows, the 2023 edition was mostly about high technology used in law enforcement operations. There was software, and body cameras, and computers, and license plate recognition systems, the stuff that makes the IACP show the IACP show.

One of the questions that always has to be asked after attending IACP is what are the trends in law enforcement technology.

This year the trends were obvious. Virtual reality training is being integrated into decision-making simulator systems. Another obvious trend in police technology is the growing popularity of drone as first responder (DFR) software and drone detection systems. Drones are both a boon to public safety and a potential threat. They can also be used by law enforcement and the bad guys for intelligence gathering. Which is why so many police agencies want to know what drones are overhead during their operations.

Despite all the high tech systems and solutions at IACP 2023, the talk of the show was the dogs. Not real dogs. A plush toy dog and a robot dog.

As is its tradition Axon handed out a special premium to IACP attendees who spent time at the booth learning about its products. The premium this year was a toy plush dog and the product was the TASER 10. Those plush toy dogs were in high demand. It remains to be seen if the TASER 10 will be as popular.

What I can say without reservation is that the TASER 10 is an innovative new less-lethal weapon. Unlike any previous TASER, the TASER 10 fires one probe at a time from single shot cartridges. All other TASERS fire two probes at once, and they spread apart as they fly toward the target. Axon says firing one probe at a time, makes it easier for officers to hit the target twice and achieve neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI). The TASER 10 gives officers up to 10 shots to hit the target. The magazine is reloadable.

The other dog was a robot wandering the aisles. Robots are not new at IACP, but they are usually tracked machines. The TechTerrier from Ecamsecure is a four-legged robot that can run, walk backward, and perform other maneuvers. It has a range of 200 meters and offers 360 degrees of surveillance.

Here’s a look at some other interesting new tools, systems, and solutions that caught our eyes at IACP 2023.    


InTime showed its eponymous scheduling and workforce management solution. InTime software helps agencies with scheduling, overtime management, leave management, and other workforce challenges. Officers can monitor their schedules and receive notifications on mobile devices. Optional modules include wellness monitoring, shift bidding, training management, and asset management.

PowerDMS announced its new version of PowerFTO cloud-based training management solution now renamed PowerReady. The revised software now offers CAD integration to facilitate reporting. PowerReady lets agencies manage, track, and measure on-the-job training in real time.   

Vector Solutions showed its new AgencyConnect. The new training management solution allows local agencies to share training records with state training authorities in real time.   

Versaterm brought its Records Management System to IACP. Versaterm RMS offers a Mobile Report Entry (MRE) extension that allows officers to quickly enter, modify, and complete reports in the field. Agencies can fully customize the interface and can use custom fields to capture additional data. Versaterm RMS integrates with the company’s CAD.


i-Pro announced that it was adding license plate recognition to its AI surveillance camera software Active Guard a few weeks before IACP. The LPR capabilities are provided by a plug-in from Vaxtor. For more information, see the First Look article on page 8 of this issue.

Utility demonstrated its Polaris evidence management system. The system allows multiple videos to be shown from different devices simultaneously. GPS data from the cameras on the scene is displayed in the software and shows the locations of officers and vehicles in real time. Supervisors can also use Polaris to activate live streaming from cameras in the field.


CentralSquare exhibited its Unify CAD-to-CAD, which enables cross-jurisdictional interoperability of dispatch communications and sharing of resources when needed and permitted by the participating agencies. Unify allows emergency communications centers to send the closest most appropriate unit to calls, regardless of jurisdiction. Unify CAD-to-CAD allows interoperability between PSAPs even if they use equipment from other providers than CentralSquare.

Motorola Solutions showed how its integrated security and public safety solutions can improve response to critical incidents. At the Motorola booth attendees could watch videos of how responders use Motorola technology during traffic accident response, school safety incident, and special event threat.

Panasonic Connect exhibited its latest fully rugged laptop for law enforcement. The Toughbook 33 is a 2-in-1 PC with a 3:2 screen. It has an optional i7-1270P processor that delivers 12 cores of computing power. It has Wi-Fi 6E, optional 4G, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Toughbook 33 can be customized with options such as serial port, barcode, fingerprint, and insertable and contactless Smart Card readers.


Brinc exhibited its Lemur 2 drone at IACP. Designed to be easy to fly indoors and outdoors, the Lemur 2 has a sensor array that combines 10 different systems. It also features a microphone, and loudspeaker. The Lemur 2 is National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant and approved for use by federal agencies.

Dedrone's airspace security and drone management tools include hardware and software.Dedrone's airspace security and drone management tools include hardware and software.POLICE

Dedrone introduced its drone as first responder (DFR) solution DedroneBeyond. The software enables Beyond Visual Line of Sight operation of drones. Dedrone also makes drone detection solutions, including DedroneCityWide for zero-install drone monitoring across wide areas, DedroneFixedSite for drone detection for critical infrastructure locations and mobile kits designed for specific situations; DedroneTactical for agile expeditionary environments, and DedroneRapidResponse for mobile drone detection.  

Paladin showed its “Complete DFR System,” including EXT, Watchtower, and Knighthawk. EXT is an LTE signal module designed to extend the range of specific DJI drones. Watchtower is Paladin’s DFR software. It allows you to control the drone, view the live video feed, and manage the data captured by the drone. Knighthawk is Paladin’s purpose-built DFR drone. It has an LTE connection and a battery life of 55 minutes.

SentryCS brought its integrated counter drone solution to IACP. The hardware and software system is designed to detect and track unauthorized drones in your area of operations, and it identifies the pilot. It can then take over control of drones that enter a no-fly zone and safely land them in a designated area.


Carfax for Police showed its investigative suite for crimes involving vehicles. One of the more interesting features of the web-based software is the partial license search. Investigators can plug in three numbers (not necessarily in order) and a state or province and Carfax for Police will help provide the missing information.

LexisNexis featured a number of its CopLogic and Risk Solutions at IACP. One of the more interesting investigative solutions is Accurint TraX, which uses call detail record analysis along with other data to help investigators develop pattern of life analysis. Accurint TraX is cloud based and offers features such as geofencing and cell site information.

ShadowDragon demonstrated its social media investigations tool Social Net. The software helps investigators follow social media activity by e-mail addresses, aliases, and names to uncover identities, reveal correlations, and piece together the suspect’s networks of associates.

Stop Stick's Bonowi FlexShield offers NIJ IIIA ballistic protection, comes with removable Level III plates, and collapses for easy storage in a patrol vehicle.Stop Stick's Bonowi FlexShield offers NIJ IIIA ballistic protection, comes with removable Level III plates, and collapses for easy storage in a patrol vehicle.POLICE


mResilience showed its FOP-approved officer wellness software and mobile app. The mRes mobile app provides agencies with a customizable system for improving officer resilience. Through the app, officers can confidentially access the agency’s peer support team and other local and national resources. They can also use tools to improve their stress response. 

Point Blank brought its Paraclete-branded Vanguard level III rifle threat protection shield. The Vanguard’s wide rectangular shaped ballistic viewport provides excellent viewing capabilities while the weapon index platform on each side allows the operator to position their weapon for accurate handgun or long-gun deployment.

Spartan Armor Systems showed a wide variety of ballistic protection products, including its DL Plate Carrier. The DL Plate Carrier is virtually indiscernible when worn beneath loose clothing but it can also be worn over clothing. Designed to fit with Spartan’s Flex Fused Core Soft Armor Panels, the DL Plate Carrier can accept AR and pistol magazines

Stop Stick surprised a lot of attendees with its new Bonowi FlexShield, a ballistic backup shield developed for high-risk situations. The Level IIIA FlexShield comes with removable Level III plates for rifle protection. It is foldable for carrying in a compact bag and offers 24x24 inches of protection. The FlexShield incorporates Bonowi’s Airframe technology, allowing the shield to be made rigid by using a C02 cartridge. Comes with a removable shoulder sling..


Safeguard exhibited its Rampart Color-Coded Trauma System. The Rampart System uses colors to organize trauma kit gear and make it easier for the tactical medic to find what is needed for a specific trauma, for example red for hemorrhage control, orange for burn treatment, just to name a few.

Tac Med Solutions training manikins are extremely lifelike tools for teaching trauma care.Tac Med Solutions training manikins are extremely lifelike tools for teaching trauma care.POLICE

Tac Med Solutions brought its line of Tacmed Simulation human and K-9 training manikins to IACP. The manikins are extremely lifelike and can exhibit a wide variety of trauma for tactical medical training. The company’s Whole-Body Simulator even responds to the treatment. It can be operated by a single remote that control functions such as bleeding.   

Techline Trauma demonstrated its self-adhesive moulage. The realistic wound simulations can be applied to living role players or to manikins without the need for additional makeup and they are reusable. The product line includes multiple sizes of gunshot entry and exit wounds, fractures, burns, and lacerations.


Inveris came to IACP with its full line of simulator systems, including the SurviVR virtual reality solution. The system is designed for group and single officer training. It can accommodate up to three trainees at a time and up to 12 tools or weapons. It’s scalable to match the size of the available training area.

MILO debuted its VR solutions. The immersive training solution is about helping officers practice critical thinking, verbal communication, de-escalation techniques, the company says. MILO VR complements MILO Range simulators, with the range system providing a tool for marksmanship and tactical training and the VR providing an immersive environment for de-escalation exercises.

Ti Training brought the Recon LED system to IACP. Recon LED is more ultra reality than virtual reality. The star of the system is some of the largest, most beautiful video displays available. Agencies can choose from a single display to a full 300-degree wraparound system. The displays are 4K compatible, with an incredibly fast refresh rate of 3,840Hz.

VirTra launched its V-XR extended reality system. VirTra says extended reality (XR) is a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality that creates an immersive experience where the trainee interacts with the digital and physical environment. To enhance the realism of the digital world, VirTra uses its V-3 volumetric video capture system to image real people instead of using CGI characters.