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TREXPO West 2009: Best of Show

Some impressive inventions were on display April 1–2 at the Long Beach, Calif., Convention Center. Companies displayed and sold their wares, many of which were interesting solutions to everyday problems in law enforcement.

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Some people have a knack for coming up with ideas that leave the rest of us wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?" When those ideas follow the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep it Simple Stupid) it's even more impressive.

Such inventions were on display April 1-2 at the Long Beach, Calif., Convention Center. Companies displayed and sold their wares, many of which were interesting solutions to everyday problems in law enforcement.

Combat Medical Systems: Mojo Medical Kit

You probably have some type of medical kit. But would you be able to recognize the items inside and know how to use them effectively in an emergency? The Mojo Range Ops Bag from Combat Medical Systems is an easy-to-use medical kit for the non-medic. The trauma items are clearly displayed and labeled with brief instructions of a few words for immediate access and use. Contents include gloves, CPR mask, tourniquet, and QuikClot Combat Gauze. The bag also contains non-trauma items such as adhesive bandages, tape, sunscreen wipes, and insect repellent. The Mojo Range Ops Bag comes in high-visibility orange with reflective stripes and a red flasher so it's always easy to find. Visit the Combat Medical Systems Web site.

DSM Safety Products: Safety Banner

DSM Safety Products' brand new innovative product is designed to prevent friendly fire on non-uniformed officers. It's essentially a bright orange sash emblazoned with "POLICE" on both sides that can be deployed from a pocket with one hand. This simple device assists in identifying non-uniformed officers involved in a critical situation. Giving the involved non-uniformed officer 360 degrees of visible identification can prevent tragic events associated with friendly fire or "blue-on-blue" shootings. The DSM Safety Banner is available at an introductory agency price of $25 each. Visit the DSM Safety Products Web site.

DynaflexGrip: Strengthening Ball

Gyro exercisers from Dynaflex use a gyroscope providing resistance to strengthen muscles. The company's Powerball delivers up to 40 pounds of force to exercise your arms and hands. Just spin the inner ball to begin the gyroscope, then hold with your palm and "apply a rapid right to left motion." You can use the ball to fight carpal tunnel from typing reports, improve hand and wrist coordination, and improve grip and finger strength for shooting. Visit the DynaflexGrip Web site.

PJ's Performance: Custom Vehicles

If you can't patrol an area because it's too rugged for your current vehicle, you just might need to call up PJ's Performance for a solution. The company created a custom-made hard-core dune buggy of sorts for law enforcement in the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona, and it's made all the difference. Now officers easily navigate the sandy and rocky desert areas where their patrol cars and SUVs often got stuck. A detachable litter that was custom designed for the agency even allows them to safely transport injured persons-something that was impossible before. PJ's has a list of available options, but everything is custom designed to each agency's specifications, including special requests. Visit the PJ's Performance Web site.

Simulator Systems: Python Robot

Looking for a rugged tactical robot? Check out Simulator Systems' Python. Resembling a small tank, the remote controlled robot has a hard anodized body, rechargeable Li/Fe batteries, and remote controllable color cameras with automatic infrared. It's able to carry large payloads and even climbs most stairways, so you can stay out of harm's way while the Python handles your reconnaissance and surveillance. Visit the Simulator Systems Web site.

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