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Software has greatly expanded the capabilities of law enforcement agencies and individual officers to help people and put away bad guys.

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Appriss JusticeXchange

Appriss' newest product is an offender database tool called JusticeXchange. It gives you up-to-date information on booking records, incident reports, and other data from thousands of agencies nationwide.

Applications for justiceXchange include monitoring probationers and parolees, locating offenders, setting up watches for wanted persons or suspects, and locating non-compliant sex offenders.

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Carlson Software Crime Scene Investigations

With Carlson Software's two-part Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) software, investigators can measure a crime or accident scene in the field using CSI Mobile and then take the information back to their offices and analyze and map it with CSI Office.

CSI Mobile includes a library of vehicle dimensions and items such as manholes and trees. CSI Office 2010 is built on IntelliCAD 6.6, and allows users to view a scene in three dimensions from many angles.

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Ocean Systems ClearID

ClearID v2.0 Workflow consists of more than 20 image clarification filters and a tabbed workflow interface that guides you through the image clarification process and automated scripts. Integrated color preview windows and slider bars help you find the optimal settings for clarifying your image evidence. When done processing your evidence, simply run the integrated verification report, which will store all your settings and hashed layers in an easy-to-read document.

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PDSI TeleStaff

TeleStaff is a scheduling and notification solution that automates paper staffing sheets, phone calls, and other notifications to officers scheduled to work. Your agency's staffing policy is programmed into the system so it can determine your staffing needs for any given shift.

When staffing levels fall below requirements, off-duty personnel are contacted by the system. Employees can view their schedules via a secured Internet connection.

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Ramsey Electronics STE3000F

Designed to preserve and evaluate the integrity of wireless devices throughout the forensics process, Ramsey's STE3000FAV includes a built-in high resolution color video camera inside the enclosure and a seven-inch widescreen TFT DVR outside.

Once the interrogation begins,  simply navigate the device through the phone displays and menus and the DVR logs all events. A built-in mic allows tech narration throughout the process.

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Spillman Technologies Mobile 4.5

Spillman's Mobile 4.5 uses customizable forms and drop-down menus to increase officer efficiency. Automated Field Reporting modules make it easy for officers to complete citations, document accidents, and conduct interviews, then send the data electronically from their in-vehicle computers to agency headquarters. Agencies can gather a range of data using Spillman's Driver License Scanning, then use the data to populate records or forms. 

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