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Evidence Collection Tools

These seven companies provide the tools that ease the burden of evidence collection at crime scenes.

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AccuTrans: Casting Silicone Material

AccuTrans by Ultronics is polyvinylsiloxane material that offers high tear resistance and dimensional stability for lifting impressions. AccuTrans casting silicone is applied with an extruder gun and is flexible yet does not distort the image. Once the impression is lifted, it cannot be smeared or smudged. AccuTrans comes in white, brown, black, and transparent. The transparent version allows for instant comparison of the print without reversing the image.

Bode Technology: Buccal DNA Collection Device

Bode Technology's Buccal DNA Collection Device is designed for simple and effective collection of buccal cells. The label is part of the handle so it is always attached to the sample, which prevents mislabeling. The sliding cover protects the sample, but allows it to dry very quickly, preventing degradation. Collected samples can be placed in a transport pouch with desiccant for transportation and storage.[PAGEBREAK]

CAO Group: UltraLite ALS Turbo Light

The CAO Group's new UltraLite ALS Turbo is a more powerful ALS with a wider spectrum of light heads, including 365nm ultraviolet and 850nm infrared. The UltraLite ALS Turbo helps to detect trace evidence, body fluids, fingerprints, blood spatter, gunshot residue, and explosive accelerants. It can reveal bruising, injuries, and wounds on bodies both living and dead.

Faro: Focus 3D Laser Measurement Tool

The Focus 3D is a high-speed laser scanner that is ideally suited to perform rapid 3D recordings of crime and accident scenes for measurement and documentation. The Focus 3D uses laser technology to produce remarkably detailed, three-dimensional images of complex environments and topography for use in archiving crime scenes, incident simulation, and emergency plan development through authentic virtual representations.

Foray Technologies: ADAMS Evidence Management

Foray Technologies' ADAMS solution provides law enforcement agencies with the ability to authenticate, store, maintain, search, analyze, and preserve the integrity of evidence gathered at crime scenes. Whether the evidence is digital or physical, ADAMS is designed so to ensure that each piece of evidence will be managed securely while maintaining a rock-solid chain of custody.[PAGEBREAK]

Foster & Freeman: Crime-lite XL Light

Where serious crime demands intensive crime scene examination, the new Crime-lite XL is capable of revealing even the smallest traces of evidence. With 96 high-intensity LEDs, the Crime-lite XL provides a shadow-free light beam that will enhance the crime scene investigator's ability to detect evidence.

Leica Geosystems: ScanStation C10 3D Laser Measurement Tool

The Leica ScanStation C10 allows you to "freeze your scene in time" by making more than three million high-accuracy measurements in less than two minutes. You'll be viewing vivid color 3D data within minutes. Extract any measurement you wish at any time, long after the scene has been released. You can also quickly determine which "witnesses" could really see what happened and zero in on probable shooter locations with built-in shooting reconstruction tools.

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