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Traffic Safety Tools

These solutions help officers monitor vehicles and driver behavior to enforce the laws of the road.

4N6XPRT Systems StifCalc

Photo: 4N6XPRT SolutionsPhoto: 4N6XPRT Solutions

A new update to the 4N6XPRT StifCalc program has been released and is currently shipping. The update incorporates a force-balance calculation module for accurate crush energy evaluation in vehicle collisions, where one of the vehicles has little or no crash test exposure. In order to increase the program's usability as a research tool, the program now allows the user to download all of the available photos, videos, and contractor reports for a given test. The program will still allow the user to develop their own class of vehicle, easily sort data columns, and print summarized stiffness data for the matching tests with the descriptive statistical data.

American Traffic Solutions CrossingGuard

Photo: American Traffic SolutionsPhoto: American Traffic Solutions

ATS' CrossingGuard is designed to reduce illegal passing and ensure safe passage for children. CrossingGuard is engineered to enforce illegal school bus stop arm passing at the highest levels. There are six camera angles, focused on capturing overview, motion presence, and license plates. The radar and video motion capabilities accurately detect records and securely transmit bus data and violation evidence for police review. The process is completely automated so no live monitoring or bus driver intervention is required. The cameras have a capture speed of up to 100 miles per hour and the video aspect captures 30 frames per second.

ELSAG Mobile Plate Hunter M6 ALPR Camera

Photo: ELSAGPhoto: ELSAG

With higher resolution, improved color accuracy, 30% expanded view, configurable delay timer, and more efficient power usage, ELSAG's new sixth generation Mobile Plate Hunter camera called the M6 costs less. This progressive ALPR camera combines over 20 years of hardware and software development with the most advanced electronics and sensors available today. The M6 camera is designed to strengthen the productivity of ELSAG's fixed, mobile, and covert ALPR solutions deployed in every U.S. state and around the world.

Genetec SharpV Fixed ALPR Camera

Photo: GenetecPhoto: Genetec

Genetec's AutoVu SharpV is a fixed ALPR camera with onboard processing, highly precise settings, easy and flexible installation, and new affordable pricing. AutoVu SharpV is designed for fixed ALPR installations. It can be tied into citywide video surveillance systems to improve forensic investigations, reporting, and monitoring. Featuring a completely new design that makes it easy for integrators to install, the AutoVu SharpV can be easily mounted on walls or poles. It is designed to be able to detect and read any type of license plate on the edge, and includes various analytics such as vehicle make and direction of travel.

HGPen H Sobriety Test Tool

Photo: HGPenPhoto: HGPen

The purpose of the HGPen is to provide a standardized instrument for the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test battery by indicating to the officer how long each test must be administered. According to the company, the HGPen greatly improves the muscle memory needed for the HGN test battery and allows officers to focus on clues and officer safety, not counting and worrying about test battery order and application. It is intended as both a training tool and a practical tool for the field.

Jamar Technologies Radar Recorder

Photo: Jamar TechnologiesPhoto: Jamar Technologies

Speeding complaints are a constant. Using a Jamar Radar Recorder allows you to gather hard evidence of whether or not a problem really exists. This data can be used to find where stepped-up enforcement is really needed, or to end arguments over speeding traffic. The Radar Recorder is mobile and easy to install. It records a vehicle's speed and length, while keeping track of traffic volumes for up to two weeks at one time.

Kustom Signals LaserCam 4

Photo: Kustom SignalsPhoto: Kustom Signals

LaserCam 4 is the fourth generation hand-held video LIDAR from Kustom Signals. Powered by the ProLaser 4, LaserCam 4 offers larger range to target, faster acquisition time, and image resolution of plates at longer distances to provide a comprehensive video record of tracking history. With patent pending features including AutoTrak, LaserCam 4 continually zooms with target tracking to optimize target specific speed measurements and simplify the user experience. The result gives users the evidence needed to confirm citations. Bluetooth also enables wireless roadside printing of citations with images.

NDI Recognition Systems Road Warrior ALPR

Photo: NDI Recognition SystemsPhoto: NDI Recognition Systems

The Road Warrior ALPR System by NDI Recognition Systems reads 3,600 license plates per hour, and wirelessly alerts law enforcement when a capture matches the hotlist. The portable Road Warrior can fight crime, such as human trafficking and stolen vehicles, while also managing traffic as it duals as a functional speed trailer. Additionally, the Road Warrior houses a complete ALPR system, which runs covertly in tandem with the radar speed system, comes complete with Infrared color cameras for day and night operation, and has an augmented solar panel battery, which power the system for three to five days without having to recharge.

Safariland Vievu LE5 Lite Body-Worn Camera

Photo: SafarilandPhoto: Safariland

The new LE5 Lite body-worn camera from Safariland brand Vievu utilizes the fifth generation Vievu camera platform and is designed to work with The Vievu Solution, Vievu's cloud-based digital evidence management system built on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, to provide a cost-sensitive integrated system. The compact LE5 Lite body-worn camera weighs only 2.6 ounces, yet is made to be durable. Its 95-degree lens is designed to accurately represent an officer's maximum field of view and distance. The camera has a battery life of five hours and features a simple slide on/off switch that covers the lens when the camera is off. In the field, officers are able to livestream videos and add metadata via WiFi using the Vievu Smartphone App at any time.

Sirchie VideGO Deployable Video Surveillance System

Photo: SirchiePhoto: Sirchie

Sirchie's VideGO Deployable Video Surveillance System (DVSS) is a flexible turnkey video surveillance solution designed to help you observe and monitor situations wherever and whenever you need to. This portable system can be deployed for up to 50 hours of remote use. It records live video that can be viewed via a secure Wi-Fi, cellular, or other connection with a PTZ camera controlled remotely via computer or mobile device. Departments use the DVSS during DUI checkpoints to monitor activity down the road from the checkpoint and document people who may dump alcohol or illegal contraband in advance of the stop.

Vigilant Solutions License Plate Recognition

Photo: Vigilant SolutionsPhoto: Vigilant Solutions

Vigilant Solutions offers a complete LPR system that includes cameras, software, and analysis tools, and its service is tailored specifically for law enforcement. The company produces fixed, mobile, and covert LPR cameras for a variety of uses. All of these products benefit from Vigilant Solutions' LEARN, its Back Office Intelligence System. Vigilant's large database is extremely large and made to provide extensive investigative capability. The company also designed its system to comply with the FBI-CJIS Security policy to ensure that LPR data and usage is secure and in compliance. This database is secured, accredited, and only available to credentialed law enforcement.

WatchGuard Video Fully Integrated In-Car and Body-Worn System

Photo: WatchGuardPhoto: WatchGuard

WatchGuard's 4RE HD Panoramic in-car video system and one or more Vista WiFi body-worn cameras are designed to work together seamlessly as a single system, capturing synchronized video of a single incident from multiple vantage points. The Wi-Fi capability in the body cameras and a Wi-Fi access point in the car allow the cameras to become members of a group recording network with the in-car system. Distributed Multi-Peer Recording technology distributes decision-making to in-car and body-worn cameras, giving any officer on the team the power to initiate a group recording in which all cameras in the recording group begin capturing synchronized video evidence. Recordings from the individual cameras are uploaded and automatically linked in evidence management software for viewing and sharing.