G-SHOCK MASTER of G MUDMASTER. Always there for me, always on time.

From patrol to detectives to air support, I’ve seen first-hand how the G-SHOCK has stood up to the competition...

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When first responders shop for new equipment, it’s no surprise that their needs exceed the average person’s. Sure, everyone wants their hard-earned dollars to go towards items that will last, but for those who have dedicated their lives to helping others, it’s not a desire, it’s a requirement. It’s also no surprise that when a new watch is on that shopping list, more often than not, they’re looking for a G-SHOCK. For over three decades, G-SHOCK watches has set the standard in timekeeping devices for police, military, firefighting, and nearly every emergency responding line of work. The latest offering is the MUDMATERS GG1000-1A8 and it is built and equipped to carry on that tradition.

For almost as long as the G-SHOCK has been on the scene, I’ve been involved in law enforcement. During my nearly 30 years as a police officer, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the pros and cons of several brands of watches in my various assignments. From patrol to detectives to air support, I’ve seen first-hand how the G-SHOCK has stood up to the competition. Early on in my career, I wore the same watch I’d had since college. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it wouldn’t last through the nightly grind of a third shift patrol officer. After several watchband failures and battery replacements, it, and a few others, were tossed to the bottom of the locker. That’s when I turned to a G-SHOCK.

My first G-SHOCK showed me what a cop’s watch should be. As I try out the GG1000-1A8, I see it lives up to those standards. It incorporates options and advancements I could only have dreamed of back in the day. When you first pick it up, you know that it means business. While light at only 3.3 oz (94 g), it has a heft to it that instantly instills a sense of ruggedness. The thick, fabric-style, rubberized band attaches to the substantial case by means of hex bolts. No thin, easily-broken pins here! The case is highlighted by five checkered-metal function buttons surrounding the inset crystal face. Those buttons are one of the keys of the MUDMASTER tag, as they use a cylinder structure with multiple rubber gaskets to keep out the elements and ensure its 200M water and shock resistance. Large numbers punctuate the face, which is surrounded by compass directions and incorporates two information screens and a mode dial. All of this is lit by a Super Illuminator LED and Neo-brite Luminous hands. Through these screens, you can view a laundry list of features including:

  • Digital Compass with Bearing Memory
  • Thermometer in F° or C°
  • 12/24 Hour Mode
  • 31 Time Zones
  • 5 Daily Alarms
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • Multi-function Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • Button Tone On/Off
  • 2-year Battery with Low Battery Alert

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While these features are impressive, they would be useless if they weren’t easily accessible. Those large buttons make for easy operation, even with gloved hands, and the straightforward menu system eliminates the need for memorizing an entire owner’s manual. Below the tough exterior lies an adept timekeeper with accuracy to 15 seconds per month and a pre-programmed calendar extending to the year 2099.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to watches for use in law enforcement. You can try them out or you can take it from someone who’s been in the trenches and seen the alternatives. If your needs include a feature-rich timekeeping device that won’t let you down when the going gets tough, you’ll have a hard time beating the newest in a long line of proven, G-SHOCK watches, the MUDMASTER GG1000-1A8. Available now from your favorite retailers.