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These solutions can help you access, manage, and share data essential to investigations.

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These solutions can help you access, manage, and share data essential to investigations.

CrimeCenter Software Intelligence Management Module
CrimeCenter Software’s Intelligence module, the newest addition to its cloud-based case management platform, provides actionable intelligence that helps law enforcement make better decisions, manage tips, counteract threats, and crack down on gang activity. To ensure compliance, the platform automates the process of tracking, reviewing, and purging data. The Intelligence module fully integrates with the Whooster investigative data and technology platform, so agencies can search directly from their case folder and find connections between people, phone records, casework, and investigative leads.

DME Forensics DVR Examiner
DVR Examiner from DME Forensics is a software solution for the recovery of video and metadata from DVR surveillance systems in a forensically sound manner. This software can help save your team time and money when recovering video evidence by recovering data directly from the DVR, bypassing passwords to recover video, including deleted video, from a suspect DVR.

Face Forensics Inc. Corpse-ID
Face Forensics’ Corpse-ID is the only face recognition system to identify dead bodies, i.e. where the eyes are closed. It includes the ability to match a selected facial area, and apply different weightings to different areas, thus working with damaged faces and making it possible to match only the undamaged part against existing facial databases. Corpse-ID can work with two eyes (mailbox or balaclava view), one eye, and frequently with no eyes at all.

Forensic Logic Coplink X
Coplink X is designed to be an intuitive and powerful search engine, purpose-built for law enforcement. With what Forensics Logic calls the most comprehensive set of data in the industry, agencies can access critical and relevant information from not only their agency’s IT systems, but across the city, county, state, and country. Analytics and visualization tools enable patrol, analysts, investigators, and command staff to glean actionable insights in real-time that help identify crime trends to deploy resources effectively and reduce crime.

MSAB XAMN Spotlight
New XAMN Spotlight from MSAB is a powerful software tool law enforcement investigators can use to view and analyze mobile phone data. It now includes four powerful features to help investigators find what they are looking for quickly: in chat messages, using geolocation filters, using timeline filters, and using link analysis. And now investigators can load many different device extraction files into Spotlight simultaneously for a comprehensive view. An XAMN Spotlight license comes with every XRY license, and can be purchased separately for investigative teams.

Susteen DataPilot 10
For many years, police officers have been limited to the data they could see on scene from mobile devices (i.e. phones). If they needed to collect images, text messages, or other evidence, they would have to take the phone, send it to the lab, and wait weeks to see the evidence. This was inconvenient for witnesses and victims of crimes to not have their phones for that same amount of time. DataPilot 10 helps investigators, patrol officers, and other first responders on scene get access to the data they need immediately, at the push of a button, so they can solve more crimes by having access to critical information. Privacy Services for Law Enforcement was designed for law enforcement by law enforcement to remove an officer’s information from the top 25 people-search sites that expose people’s home addresses on the internet. Once the officer’s information is removed, the company constantly monitors these sites to ensure it doesn’t re-appear. If the officer’s information happens to re-appear, the company quickly removes it.

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