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Police Unions

LAPD Pay Raises Take Effect During Talk of Budget Cuts, Layoffs

Union officials said LAPD already made sacrifices in 2020 when the City Council approved a $150 million cut to its police budget over the summer. That resulted in LAPD shuffling more than 300 positions, with some specialized detectives being reassigned to community stations and other neighborhood patrols being eliminated entirely.

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LAPD Union Plans Billboard Campaign Against City Leaders' Defunding Plans

The billboards would include crime statistics reflecting a steep rise in shootings and shooting victims this year. Last month, homicides in L.A. rose past 300 for the first time since 2009.

San Francisco Police Union Agrees to Some 911 Calls Being Handled by Non-Officers

One agreement, signed Monday by SFPOA President Tony Montoya and SFPD Chief Bill Scott, said the union agreed to police redirecting 17 types of calls for service to mental health or other professionals.

Denver Police to Get Raises in 2022, Pay Frozen Next Year

The terms include a 2% pay raise on Jan. 1, 2022 and a 1.5% raise on July 1. The terms also include a pay freeze and no holiday pay premiums in 2021, along with reduced city contributions to the retiree health trust.

LAPD Union Refuses to Discuss Pay Cuts to Aid City's COVID Budget Strain

“The Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Police Protective League is unanimous in its belief that its members deserve every penny of compensation that our contract prescribes. Period,” league president Craig Lally wrote to the city’s head labor negotiator.

Union Survey Details Terrible Morale at LAPD, Officers Say They are Not Supported by Command Staff

“More people responded to this survey than any survey we’ve done in the last nine years that I’ve been here,” said Craig Lally, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. I’ve never seen morale this low, and I’m going on 40 years in the department.”

Texas POA President: Violence Against Police "Has to Stop"

Four officers—two with the Dallas Police Department and two with the Mesquite Police Department—reportedly came under gunfire while responding to a traffic accident on Saturday night and the local POA President has told media outlets that such violence against officers must end.

Texas Police Association Sponsors Race Car

The association’s logo covered the Camaro’s hood. A big decal with the 62 names of the fallen officers covered the trunk. And the FWPOA’s logos adorned both rear quarter panels. The idea came out of this spring’s national protests against police.

Houston Police Union Criticizes Chief's Firing of Officers in Fatal OIS

Four officers with the Houston Police Department have been fired for fatally shooting a subject in late April.

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FOP Slams Texas School Assignment that Compares Police to KKK

The unauthorized assignment for what was apparently a lesson on political satire showed a five-panel cartoon that started with a slave ship officer with a knee on a black man’s neck and ended with a modern-day police officer also with a knee on a prisoner’s neck.