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Georgia Deputy Injured, Suspect Killed in Vehicular Attack and Shooting at Domestic Call

"While deputies were taking the report of the incident, the husband 30-year-old Keith Young, returned back to the neighborhood and noticed deputies speaking with his wife," the Bibb County Sheriff's Office reports.

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Georgia Officer Shot in Head in 2018 Returns to Duty

Officer Matt Cooper Covington (GA) Police Department—who was shot in the head in a 2018 shooting—has returned to work.

Georgia Officer Donates "Hazard Pay" to Help Students

Officer Keith Backmon has used his "hazardous duty" bonus pay to donate tablet computers to five children so they will be able to complete their school assignments.

GA Deputy Kills Suspect in Gunfight After High-Speed Chase

“Darley exited the truck holding a silver firearm in his hand,” the GBI release read. “Darley pointed the firearm at the deputies and fired at least one shot. One Crawford County deputy returned fire, striking Darley.”

Georgia Officer Injured as Motorist Flees Traffic Collision

Officer Teets saw smoke coming from the vehicle and ran over to give assistance. The driver, who appeared unconscious, suddenly regained consciousness and reportedly began driving away from the scene. Officer Teets' arm became caught in the door, resulting in injuries.

Video: Georgia Officer Tells Story of Saving Teens from River

An officer with the Canton (GA) Police Department explained in a video posted to social media what it was like to rescue two teens who had become stranded in a frigid river.

77 Savannah Officers Sign HR Complaint Against Chief Claiming Favoritism, Disrespect

The names of Northwest Precinct Capt. Cary Hill, Southside Precinct Capt. Michelle Halford, Eastside Precinct Capt. George Gundich and Central Precinct Capt. Tonya Reid appear among the 77 staffers who signed the complaint.

Georgia Officer Killed in Crash with Alleged Drunk Driver

After the crash, a witness said they saw Cox remove two beer bottles from the Chevy and throw them into a trash can before emergency crews arrived. Investigating Georgia State Patrol troopers said they verified the witness’ account using surveillance footage.

Georgia Officer Shielded Her Children with Her Body as Tornado Destroyed Her Home

Officer Emily Blackmon told Fox 5 that as the storm closed in on her home, she was listening to the radio when and heard her street mentioned. That's when she and her children jumped in the bathtub.

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Georgia Officer Injured in Vehicle Collision While Responding to Emergency Call

An officer with the Calhoun (GA) Police Department was injured Sunday in a vehicle collision while en route to an emergency call.