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Crime Statistics

Atlanta Mayor Taps Acting Chief as Next Chief, Creates Advisory Group on Crime

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms has announced she is naming interim police chief Rodney Bryant as permanent chief, and asked the City Council to approve that appointment.

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Shootings in L.A. Up 73% in 2021

Homicides classified by the department as “gang-related'' increased by 44% and represent just under half of shooting victims this year, according to Moore, and the city has experienced a 41% increase in victims shot in gang-related shootings.

Atlanta Mayor Announces Plan to Hire 250 Officers

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said 90 police recruits are currently in the pipeline, and that she is working with the City Council to enact a retention bonus for officers. The department is about 400 officers under its authorized level.

Atlanta's Chief Assembles Panel of Police Experts to Address Rising Crime

Atlanta Interim Police Chief Rodney Bryant is enlisting the advice of former police chiefs and senior veteran officers to gather ideas on how to combat rising crime in the city.

New Dallas Chief Touts Crime Reduction as a Top Goal

Chief Eddie Garcia, 50, said he felt the statistics and perception of crime in the city went hand in hand — and that both had to go in the opposite direction. He said he felt residents can judge whether his plans are successful by their perceptions of crime in the city, how present officers are and their collaborations with the community.

TX Governor Sends State Police to Dallas to Combat Increasing Crime

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said the swell of violent crime required an “all-hands-on-deck response.”

Hate Crimes Rose to Highest Level in 12 Years, FBI Says

Religious groups have been increasingly targeted, as officials saw a nearly 14 percent increase in attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions, the report found.

With Crime Spiking, Minneapolis Plans to Bring in Deputies and Transit Officers to Reinforce City Police

City leaders are considering whether to bring in deputies from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office and officers from the Metro Transit police to help.

Defunding Leads LAPD to Cut Homicide Detectives as Murders Spike 25%

The Los Angeles Police Department is set to downsize its robbery and homicide division as part of a series of moves aimed to address defunding challenges. The cuts come as homicides spiked by about 25% this year compared with 2019.

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Minneapolis Council That Wants to Dismantle PD Grills Chief Over Rising Crime Rate

“That may mean you making commitments that might be uncomfortable for some of those constituents that you represent, but if your ultimate goal is to have true community safety, I will tell you right now, we have to work together in that effort,” Chief Medaria Arradondo said.