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civilian oversight

Rochester's New Police Budget Requires 5% Go to Accountability and Reform

“Real change takes real resources,” said PAB Chair Shani Wilson. “For every $20 it currently spends on policing, we’re asking the City to invest at least $1 in accountability."

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Police Commission Approves LAPD's Facial Recognition Use Policy

he policy was approved with a modification for the Inspector General to work with the commission's executive committee to develop and ensure a “strong oversight system,'' according to Commission President Eileen Decker.

Commission Clears LAPD Sergeant in Fatal OIS of Man Holding Bicycle Part

Sgt. Colin Langsdale said he believed Valencia had a gun. Other witnesses at the scene said they also believed he had a gun.

LAPD Must Get Verbal Consent on Video to Search Vehicles at Traffic Stops

Under the new policy, which the commission unanimously approved, officers can still conduct so-called “consent searches,” but only after securing proof of that consent — either by capturing the person giving their consent on body-worn video or by getting the person to sign off on a written consent form.

L.A. Mayor Nominates Trial Lawyer to Police Commission

“Our city is leading the movement to re-imagine public safety, revitalize our commitment to racial justice and support our courageous police officers who keep our city safe,'' Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

Passage of San Francisco Proposition Paves Way for Police Force Reduction

Under Proposition E, the Chief of Police would provide a report to the Police Commission that evaluates the current number of full-duty sworn police officers and the number of officers recommended in the future. The Police Commission would hold a public hearing on the report.

Portland Approves New Police Oversight Body with Power to Fire Officers

Measure 26-217 gets rid of the current Independent Police Review Board and replaces it with a new oversight committee that can discipline and even fire police officers. It would also have a budget of its own that is up to five percent of the total police budget.

California Assembly Passes Legislation Requiring Attorney General to Investigate Fatal Police Shooting

The version of the law that was sent to the governor leaves the door open for creating an entirely new state-level office to investigate police shootings, rather than the attorney general’s office.

Fired California Chief Files Lawsuit Against City

The former chief of the Oakland (CA) Police Department filed a whistleblower claim against the city, the first step toward filing a lawsuit over her termination in February.

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Former Arizona Officer Criticizes "Dangerous" Effect of Civilian Oversight

A former officer with the Phoenix Police Department said on a local radio show that civilian oversight of Phoenix police was potentially dangerous and could create even more conflict in the community.