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Anti-Police Politicians

Editorial: The Illinois Anti-Police Law

The state’s new massive criminal justice reform law coddles criminals and hammers cops.

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Editorial: Attacking Qualified Immunity

Activists have launched a political and legislative campaign to make it even easier to sue you.

L.A. County DA Gascón Hires Cop Hating Public Defender as High-Ranking Prosecutor

The Los Angeles Police Protective League issued a statement on the hiring that reads in part: "Once again, Gascón is thumbing his nose at crime victims by hiring someone who wants to abolish prisons, defund public safety, and who has expressed outright hatred toward police officers. ...do we really need criminal defense attorneys on both sides of the aisle?"

Maryland Bill Would End Qualified Immunity for Officers

The bill also raises the cap for damages paid to victims and allows jurisdictions to revoke an officer's pension.

Judge Says L.A. County DA Gascón Can't End 3-Strike Enhancements

The union sued Gascón in late December, alleging some of his policies restricting the use of sentencing enhancements, such as those used against cop killers, violated state law and put line prosecutors in an ethical bind.

CA Lawmakers Want Sheriffs with No Police Experience

“Sheriff is one of the most powerful elected offices,” said state Senator Scott Wiener, who sponsored the bill, which was introduced Thursday. “For 139 years, from 1850 to 1989, anyone could run for sheriff and the people could select who they wanted to hold this very powerful and impactful position.”

Some Oregon Legislators Want to Create Police Use-of-Force Database

A bill heard by the Oregon House subcommittee Wednesday would require the state Criminal Justice Commission to create a new public database that captures reports on the use or threatened use of force by each police or corrections officer.

Seattle PD Has Spent Its Overtime Budget, City Council Wants More Cuts

Council members declined to unfreeze the $2.9 million Monday, saying savings from officer departures might still be achieved. They said they could revisit the question next month.

LAPD Union Plans Billboard Campaign Against City Leaders' Defunding Plans

The billboards would include crime statistics reflecting a steep rise in shootings and shooting victims this year. Last month, homicides in L.A. rose past 300 for the first time since 2009.

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Minneapolis City Council Approves Additional Police Cuts, Mayor May Veto

The money will pay for the expansion of the Office of Violence Prevention within the city’s Health Department. And the plan moves more than a dozen civilian crime prevention specialist positions out of the Police Department and into another city agency.