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Anti-Police Politicians

Group Sues Saying Minneapolis Disband the Police Ballot Question is Too Vague

A lawsuit from a group of city residents argues the ballot question's wording is still too vague, even after the city council approved new language last week.

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Providence Mayor Appoints Non-Sworn Police Major

Mayor Jorge Elorza appointed Michael Stephens, formerly the city's director of recreation services, as the Community Relations and Diversion Services Major on Friday.

Judge Forces Minneapolis City Council to Rewrite Disband the Police Ballot Question

District Court Judge Jamie L. Anderson noted that the original language was "vague, ambiguous" and "unreasonable and misleading." The judge also wrote that it would amount to "substantial harm" if the ballot question were put off to a future election.

Welcome to Kabul, USA

The parallel between the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the precipitous withdrawal from proactive policing on American streets is astonishing—in both cases, the result is chaos.

Father of Wounded Chicago Officer Slams Mayor

Carlos Yanez Sr., himself a retired police officer from the city, said his son, Carlos Yanez Jr.—along with other officers—were told that they cannot draw their weapons unless the situation "warrants it."

Minneapolis Democratic Leader Says Burning of Third Precinct was "Righteous" Act

In an Aug. 2 opinion piece for Southside Pride, a local monthly newspaper, titled "The Cops Started It," Minneapolis DFL Chair Devin Hogan argued that the burning of the Third Precinct on May 28, 2020, three days after George Floyd’s death, was a "proportional response."

Philadelphia DA Hits Police Department with Contempt Over Sharing of Officer Misconduct Data

For years, the DA’s Office and police have been clashing over the collection of the information stored in the Conviction Integrity Unit’s Police Misconduct Disclosure Database.

Austin-Area DA Expands Unit That Investigates Police

District Attorney Jose Garza, elected last fall, ran on a platform of police accountability and has recently indicted multiple officers since taking office. Garza said the new hires will enable his office to address the increased caseload.

Austin Prosecutors Slam Police Over Investigation of Certain Crimes

"At no time has my office asked Interim Chief (Joe) Chacon to direct his officers not to make an arrest if the officer believes a crime was committed," County Attorney Delia Garza wrote. "Nor have we stated or implemented a policy that blanket rejects any type of charge."

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MN Human Rights Commissioner Calls Pro Police Rally "Fascist"

Bloomington, MN, Human Rights Commissioner Anita Smithson called a Back the Blue Rally in her town “fascist radicalization” on Twitter.

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