Brother Mobile Solutions Inc.

Westminster, CO 80020

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11030 Circle Point Road
Westminster, CO 80020
United States
Toll Free:800-543-6144

At Brother Mobile Solutions, we stive to be at your side. We advocate for success in all of Public Safety, by providing portable printing solutions, to increase officer safety and efficiency. Brother Mobile caters to numerous police departments in North and Latin America, to support officer productivity, so they can spend more time on serving and protecting, and less on paperwork. Our easy-to-use mobile printers can quickly produce a variety of eCitations, warrants, reports, and more with high accuracy. Plus, they are compatible with today’s leading eCitation software including Lexis Nexis, Central Square, Tyler Technologies, Saltus Technology, and more.  

Brother’s PocketJet, RuggedJet, and TD 4 have been used successfully by law enforcement, fire and building inspectors, and CSIs. 

More Information
Years in business:15
Number of employees:54
Geographic sales distribution:United States, Canada, Latin America

2-year premier limited warranty for PJ8, RJ4 and TD4 View more about limited warranty services:

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General Support: (800) 543-6144

Pocketjet 8 Series: 
RuggedJet Series:
TD 4 Series: 
PocketJet 8 Series: Prints full-page documents on the move, right from popular computers and mobile devices.
RuggedJet 4 Series: Are compact, rugged, and highly connected. Print 1-inch to 4-inch eCitations, violation notices, and more from your fleets handhelds, tablets, and smartphones. Easily mount your printer right in your police car, or carry it in our durable cases.
TD 4 Series: Quickly generate the labels that your department needs with a rugged, portable desktop printer. Get compatibility with leading eTicketing systems, top print quality, and seamless integration at the right price.

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