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Punta Gorda, FL 33950
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The AID system with BLE-ASSY-02 provides a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) notification to a device with BLE support (Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher) such as an Android smartphone or tablet (where the version of Android operating system is version 4.4 or higher — an indicator that the device supports BLE). The user can connect with the Android AID app from the Google Play Store. This module is not typically compatible with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) as the radios that offer Bluetooth typically operate on classic Bluetooth (not BLE).

BLE-ASSY-02 has an enclosure with a removable cap so that the coin cell battery can be replaced

(typically, one per year). There is also a reset/test button on the board that can be activated.

Single Mode of Communication/Notification using BLE to a device with BLE support

Detects break in continuity of active sensor panel

Battery level monitoring and broadcast

App runs in background, remaining active

Pairs to BLE modules for front and back panels

Allows entry of person's name/identifier

Displays battery level of BLE module

Automatically sends alerts (phone call and SMS message) to users pre-entered phone numbers

Automatically sends via SMS message a Google Maps link with the location of the event and the location of the injury (upper/lower, front, back)

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