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Surviving as a Hostage

Someone planning to abduct you will follow you to gather information that will aid in your...

As police officers (and especially if you work corrections) in the United States or Canada, you have to ask this question: What would you do if you were taken hostage?


The Future of Police Radio

Many public safety officials still rely on LMR networks for mission critical voice...

Why is LMR still front and center, with broadband LTE just around the corner? A number of factors help to explain it. Some have to do with the nature of police operations, while others reflect realities around such issues as cost and infrastructure.


Exclusive Police Survey: Body Cameras

For many law enforcement agencies, body cameras have improved evidence capture and strengthened...

Body cameras have become so important in contemporary law enforcement in a very short time that of the readers who responded that they are using them, 81% said they were required to use them by their agency. That puts these devices in the same category as uniforms and radios and duty guns.


The Patrol Athlete

Training needs to prepare you for the infrequent but high-danger stresses of patrol, as well as...

If you work patrol, you'll benefit from an exercise regimen focused on functional strength training specific to your daily duties.


The Old Guy League

Veteran LEOs tend to wear Hawaiian shirts or sometimes bowling shirts. (Photo: Getty Images)

This old guy league is a collection of distinguished and often colorful characters; take time to get to know a few. It is very important for the older generations to pass on the institutional knowledge and share the hard lessons learned for this profession to progress.


Tech on the Go

Law enforcement agencies are deploying mobile devices to ensure that officers are equipped with...

Using a combination of mobile hardware and law enforcement software, along with newer resources like FirstNet, officers can do their jobs safely and more efficiently.

Cost-Effective Drone Solutions Can Help Police Save Lives

Cost-Effective Drone Solutions Can Help Police Save Lives

As drone-powered missions continue to have significant impact on the positive outcomes of law enforcement situations, users shouldn’t have to choose a $1,500 consumer drone because of a fear of flying a product which is priced 20 times higher.