Bounce Imaging, makers of 360-degree cameras for first responders and U.S. military special operators, has released a new thermal pole camera system. The “HeatSeeker” debuted at the 2022 International Chiefs of Police conference in Dallas.

Bounce Imaging’s HeatSeeker offers:

  • A Wider Field of View–up to 210 degrees–than existing systems
  • Higher Combined Resolution than the leading thermal pole camera systems
  • Compatibility with its existing Android, iOS, and ATAK apps

Bounce Imaging’s 360-degree cameras can be thrown into a room, deployed with a tether, or mounted on a pole to serve as a panoramic tactical pole camera. The HeatSeeker connects to the USB-C port of the 360-degree cameras when they are in the pole camera configuration, allowing the user to switch between visual and thermal video while searching attics, stairwells, and basements. The thermal video captured by the HeatSeeker automatically integrates into Bounce Imaging’s Android, iOS, and ATAK applications.

The HeatSeeker is compatible with all new Bounce Imaging cameras and with some existing Recce360 Mini cameras.

For more information about Bounce Imaging products, visit the company website.