InTime, a leading provider of scheduling and workforce management for law enforcement, has announced the launch of InTime Wellness, a data-driven wellness solution that supports law enforcement safety by proactively providing insights into potential wellness issues arising from scheduling decisions.

Debuting at IACP 2022 this week in Dallas, InTime Wellness provides law enforcement senior command with data analytics and dashboards that identify where staff schedules can be causing fatigue and training compliance issues that can negatively impact officer wellness, and enables them to take corrective action to better prevent wellness issues across their agency. 

"InTime Wellness will help law enforcement agencies with supporting staff well-being, proactive fatigue management, and strengthening their staff retention and recruitment initiatives," said Derek Warburton, vice president of sales for InTime. "Uninformed scheduling decisions can have a serious impact on officer fatigue and wellness. Having insights into an agency's InTime scheduling data enables their schedulers to make better-informed scheduling and resource allocation decisions for the betterment of staff and the agency at large."

InTime Wellness includes three primary components: 

Data-Driven Fatigue Monitoring—Dashboards and analytics to identify scheduling that exceeds fatigue thresholds. 

Proactive Safety Alerts for Schedulers—Automated alerts notifying schedulers of fatigue or training compliance issues before shift assignments. 

On-Demand Wellness Resource Library—Providing staff with anonymous access to online wellness resources via computer or mobile. 

"Implementing InTime Wellness will help us identify potential situations where we are placing unnecessary burdens on our employees through scheduling and will help mitigate some of the stress related to the hours and days they are working," said Lt. Jonathan Koch of the Johnson County (KS) Sheriff's Office. 

Coming from a leader in law enforcement scheduling and workforce management, InTime Wellness is designed to support law enforcement's well-being and enable proactive fatigue management. 

InTime Wellness is available now by subscription. Visit InTime's website for more information. 

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