Carfax for Police has announced an upgraded Driver Exchange tool that facilitates quick response to minor traffic accidents through an app.

At a time when law enforcement agencies are suffering from staffing shortages and may need to prioritize other duties, Driver Exchange delivers digital police services that expedite scene clearance and provide better customer service to citizens, the company says. All Carfax for Police tools and solutions are free for law enforcement partner agencies.

Driver Exchange crash response scenarios include:

1. Officer-Operated Reporting: The officer collects information about reportable and non-reportable crashes via the digital app, eliminating errors, and delivering the crash information to citizens from the scene.

2. Officer-Guided Reporting: Citizens are sent a secure link to begin the information exchange while the officer investigates and clears the scene. 

3. Remote-Start Reporting: The agency sends involved parties a secure link to begin information exchange in advance of the officer’s arrival on the scene.

4. Citizen Self Reporting: When an agency cannot send an officer to the scene of a minor crash, a secure link is sent to involved parties for them to complete their own information exchange.

The cloud-based traffic tool provides accurate, digital crash information capture and distribution, the company says. Driver Exchange features a quick scan for driver licenses, registration cards, and VINs, as well as auto-populate, GPS, auto-save, touch diagrams, and dropdown menus. Multiple parties can input information simultaneously. Officers remain in control and can take over the data collection at any time, easily edit reports, and review and finalize all information prior to submission. A link to the digital crash information is sent quickly to involved parties so they can begin their insurance claims.

“Carfax for Police delivers free solutions that address the most pressing challenges law enforcement agencies face, and we know that today more than ever, agencies are strapped. Driver Exchange is a game-changing technology that saves agencies time in responding to minor crashes while delivering a better customer service,” commented Michael Ledoux, Business Development Director at Carfax. “Smarter crash response is an imperative, especially as larger agencies are no longer going to the scene.”

Driver Exchange reduces the need for handwritten forms, clears accidents faster, improves safety, and creates positive community connection, Carfax for Police. 

Driver Exchange is available now for free to all Carfax for Police partner agencies.