Demanding work environments require powerful communication devices, reliable connectivity, and real-time information to operate at peak efficiency. Whether in an office or in the field, on a mission or on the run, today’s teams need next generation applications and advanced audio technologies to communicate effectively. To meet these needs, Pryme partnered with Streamwide to provide more streamlined collaboration and enhanced push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) communications for both the public and private sectors.

“Our Team on Mission platform is an all-in-one solution that enables united, secure PoC communications for verticals like public safety, emergency services, medical, defense, public transit, and construction. Pryme’s wireless PTT accessories elevate user experience and augment mission-critical operations,” says El Mehdi Sodki, Streamwide director of sales, North America.

In addition to Team on Mission (TOM), Streamwide also offers Team on the Run (TOTR) for commercial applications in fleet management, home healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and facilities. The solution is designed to keep teams connected and help solve many organizational challenges.

Every industry has specialized communications requirements, but all share a universal need for faster, easier ways to access the critical functions of these applications. Thus the impetus behind the strategic partnership between Streamwide and Pryme.

 “Our goal is to help expedite and enhance communications. Pryme’s wireless PTT buttons and remote speaker microphones make it possible for users to immediately activate TOM or TOTR and communicate without having to hold a phone or tablet or touch a screen,” says Dave George, president and chief technologist at Pryme.

About Pryme

Headquartered in Brea, CA, Pryme is a manufacturer of specialized mobile communication accessories for professionals in every industry sector. Pryme designs, engineers and builds premium quality wireless and wired audio accessories, which support virtually every two-way radio model and push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) application.

About Streamwide

A major player for 20 years in the critical communications market, Streamwide has successfully developed its Team on Mission and Team on the Run software solutions for administrations and businesses. These solutions for smartphones and PCs, offered in a SaaS model or on Premise, benefit from numerous functionalities such as the multimedia group discussions, VoIP, push-to-talk (New generation MCPTT and MCx 4G / 5G LTE), collaboration tools, advanced telephony system, geolocation, digitization and automation of business processes, etc. They allow field teams to transform individual contributions into collective successes and to act as one in the most demanding professional environments.