NEOGOV, a market leader in public sector human capital management and policy and compliance management, has announced the acquisition of three companies that produce technology public safety leaders can use to manage their workforces and engage the citizens they serve. 

The products and teams of PlanIt Schedule, Agency360 and CueHit now join NEOGOV’s common vision to “Serve the people who serve the people,” the company said. Together, the companies will form the "Power Platform for Public Safety,” a comprehensive public safety workforce platform designed to recruit, equip, train, and protect first responders across their careers.

“Public safety leaders need a single solution to help them build and grow their teams,” said Shane Evangelist, CEO of NEOGOV. “Through the combination of the best-in-class HR solutions of NEOGOV, the PowerDMS policy and accreditation tools, and now the technologies of PlanIt, Agency360 and CueHit, every public safety agency will have access to a single technology platform to manage, train and guide our first responders.”

PlanIt Schedule specializes in 24/7, mission-critical staff scheduling solutions for all types of public safety departments. PlanIt helps agencies save time on tedious tasks, reduce scheduling errors, manage time off and improve employee morale. Started in 2005, PlanIt Schedule is used by more than 900 departments across the U.S. to effectively manage staffing everyday as well as during crisis or disaster.

Agency360 helps law enforcement and other public safety agencies transform their field training formula. Working with more than 600 departments, Agency360 solutions help onboard team members more efficiently, using field training officer (FTO) automation to help lay the foundation for effective communication and employee success from day one.

CueHit was founded in late 2020 and has partnered with more than 50 police departments and Emergency Communications Centers over the past year to automatically engage citizens, measure the satisfaction levels of their interactions and use positive feedback from the CueHit app to improve first responder morale and mental wellness. 

Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.