VirTra, Inc.,a global provider of judgmental use of force training simulators, and firearms training simulators for the law enforcement and military markets, has received a standing offer from the Government of Canada to supply marksmanship and judgmental use of force simulation technology to various law enforcement, border protection and corrections facilities throughout Canada. The standing offer allows the Government of Canada to repeatedly purchase goods and/or services, or a combination of goods and services at prearranged prices from VirTra, under set terms and conditions, when required.

The award is part of a countrywide effort to enhance and standardize training from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police down to each individual agency. The award could include the delivery of multiple V-ST PRO single-screen simulators, authoring software, Threat-Fire consequence devices, weapon recoil kits, Conducted Electrical Weapons (CEW) training cartridges and other tools designed for simulator training.

“We are honored the Government of Canada entrusted us to provide them with the latest in life-saving, judgmental use of force and de-escalation training,” said VirTra CEO and Chairman Bob Ferris. “Together, we plan to take simulation training to even higher levels of preparedness for those who may face split second decisions.”

Jason Mulcahy, general manager of VirTra, commented: “VirTra has established a proven track record deploying effective training systems throughout 40 countries worldwide. We look forward to expanding our presence in Canada as we execute this expected large-scale rollout with multiple Canadian agencies.”