The last IACP show was 2019 in Chicago. -

The last IACP show was 2019 in Chicago.

Last year the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) was forced to cancel its annual convention and trade show in New Orleans because of COVID-19. This year IACP New Orleans was a go, despite a rising hospitalization rate from COVID-19 and despite the Crescent City canceling major events like JazzFest. And then Hurricane Ida came ashore. The storm left the New Orleans area without power and IACP was once again forced to cancel. 

Which is a shame because the makers of police technology and products had some really cool stuff to exhibit and demonstrate. Here’s a look at what should have been at the show.



Pure Adapter

OHD specializes in producing equipment for testing gas masks and making sure they provide the necessary seal for the wearer. The company’s new Pure Adapter allows users to sanitize their respirators between fit tests and add in-line filtration to reduce cross-contamination threats.


Compact Weapon Light

The ultra-compact and low profile TLR-7 sub weapon-mounted tactical light from Streamlight is available to fit select Glock, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Springfield Armory, and Heckler & Koch railed subcompact handguns. It offers a high power LED that provides 500 lumens of illumination. The TLR-7 sub weighs just 2.39 ounces and measures 2.51 inches in length.



Patrol G2

The Ekin Patrol G2 is a universally adaptable smart light bar that is capable of transforming any police vehicle into a smart vehicle. It is intended to assist officers on patrols and help them stay safe by providing AI enhanced capabilities such as video with analytics, ALPR, and speed detection while on the move. If the officer’s vehicle is stopped on the side of a road, the smart light bar patrol keeps on surveying traffic and alerts the officer to any detected threat, like a vehicle speeding in a lane close to the stopped patrol vehicle.


New ALPR Camera


In August Genetec introduced the AutoVu SharpV ALPR camera. The AutoVu SharpV is enhanced with a powerful onboard machine learning ALPR engine, AutoVu MLC. The machine learning software drives a full suite of vehicle analytics that classifies the target vehicle, its color, its speed, and direction. Designed for fixed ALPR installations, the new SharpV has built-in illuminators, global shutter, and high-resolution sensors that allow it to capture HD images in day or night conditions across two lanes of traffic.


Vector2 ALPR

Jenoptik’s Vector² ALPR cameras automatically capture vehicle license plates across several lanes simultaneously, even for high-speed traffic. They can be installed on traffic lights, street lighting columns, and existing masts. Each camera is equipped with a GPS unit, compass, accelerometer, and three light sensors and are capable of adapting optimally to different conditions, delivering clear, unambiguous images at day or night. Reliable: VECTOR² ALPR cameras deliver consistently high-resolution images even in difficult light and weather conditions.


Economical ALPR Solution

Leonardo, maker of ELSAG Plate Hunter automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology for law enforcement, would have shown its new Street Sentry ALPR system. The solar-powered, pole-mounted, all-in-one ELSAG Street Sentry is a low-cost system that agencies can install at a single location or at multiple sites.

Motorola Solutions

M500 Dash Cam


Motorola’s new M500 in-vehicle video system is an AI enhanced system that offers ALPR capabilities for offer safety. (For more information, read “The Next-Generation Dash Camera” First Look for November 2021.)

Panasonic i-Pro

In-Car Video

Panasonic i-Pro Sensing Solutions new in-car video system, the ICV4000, features a powerful new video processing unit, the VPU4000. The Panasonic i-PRO ICV4000 employs the MPEG-4 recording format, eliminating the need for proprietary media devices and making it easier to share video and audio content with other applications. The ICV4000 uses new and improved security features such as SSD drive lock and AES/256 data encryption at rest, which ensure that evidence data is completely secure and cannot be accessed or forcibly removed by unauthorized parties.


RocketIoT 3.0 System

Utility would have shown the latest iteration of the RocketIoT in-car video and communications system. The new RocketIoT 3.0 includes software updates and enhancements, as well as the launch of the new purpose-built, multi-use vehicle video camera. The new purpose-built video camera device and modular software approach of the RocketIoT 3.0 updates allow for improved integration across all Utility products and services, including BodyWorn cameras.



Folding Ballistic Shield

Patriot3’s Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield is designed for rapid deployment and convenient storage. The U.S. Patented Minuteman is the only shield of its kind with a viewport so that the operator has a clear line of sight without compromising protection.

Thermo Scientific

Handheld Drug Detection


The new Thermo Scientific 1064Defender Raman Analyzer features a touchless, targeted methodology that enhances identification of street narcotics, without removing them from their packaging. The analyzer’s scanner mode, which features a comprehensive, modular, and user-added library of controlled substances, takes the guesswork out of identifying substances. It delivers results in a clear warning or alert format, ensuring users know the best next steps. The scanner, combined with the analyzer’s GPS and a digital camera, enables an improved path to interdiction and solid chain of custody.




CAD-to-CAD would have been a major part of CentralSquare’s IACP presence. The software allows neighboring agencies to share real-time incident information or first responder details across borders. It even allows agencies who don’t use CentralSquare to communicate with CentralSquare agencies.

Cobwebs Technologies

Intelligence Solutions

Cobwebs Technologies would have shown its AI-powered intelligence solutions at IACP 2021. Cobwebs can monitor and analyze activity on social media, on the open web, the deep web, and even on the dark web.


Records Management

The Records Management System from Mark43 is an easy to use RMS that was designed to help agencies comply with the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). The native data collection and validations ensure that reports include the right information to be compliant with NIBRS standards. It tabulates agency data, identifies, and corrects errors and generates a file in the FBI-required format.





The VR-DT from InVeris is a virtual reality training solution designed to deliver a realistic immersive experience for law enforcement officers. Scenarios include training for use-of-force, de-escalation, safety, and crisis intervention. It features the HTC Vive Pro wireless headset for 360-degree fields of view. This system gives agencies the ability to let officers move while working the scenario, including making a traffic stop, creating distance, maintaining angles between other officers, and taking cover.


Counter Bias Training

The most talked about new product in the MILO booth would have likely been the Advanced Curriculum Solutions for Counter Bias Training (CBTSim). In this training, which runs on a MILO simulator, officers are presented with a diverse range of scenarios in which they are required to interact, de-escalate, make split-second decisions, then identify why they made those decisions. The goal of CBTSim is for officers to treat citizens fairly and free of bias, and to make any use-of-force decisions based on threat cues alone, and not on citizen characteristics like demographics or socio-economic status. CBTSim has been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST).

Vector Solutions

FTO Training

Vector Solutions’ FTO application called Vector Evaluations+, gives FTOs an easy-to-use software platform for evaluating their students. Observation and assessment reports help the FTOs identify where improvements are needed and compile a record of an officer’s proficiency and fitness for duty. FTO reports are recorded in Vector’s integrated Learning Management System (LMS) for an end-to end training and documentation program along every point throughout an officer’s career.



A/T Boot

The 5.11 A/T 8-inch Side Zip is a performance boot that was built from the sole up to increase performance. The All Terrain Load Assistance System (A.T.L.A.S.) is designed to provide more comfort to those who carry heavy weight on long shifts. Constructed of nylon with high abrasion air mesh, a water-resistant leather upper, and a polishable toe.


Black Eagle GTX

The HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip is an 8-inch boot with a side zipper. It features a Gore-Tex inner liner to ensure that the officer’s feet stay dry even on the rainiest days. The sole is both slip resistant and insulating. Another feature of the sole is that its non-marking tread is self cleaning, releasing caked in dirt as the officer walks. The upper is a combination of leather and textiles that are lightweight and breathable. Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 boots have built-in stabilization on the foot-bed to aid in foot health and reduce fatigue. The side-zip design makes it easy to take off and put on the boots when needed.


Friskmaster Gloves


The Friskmaster MAX FMN500/501 from the Safariland brand Hatch is constructed of Protech enhanced synthetic suede for cut and needle puncture resistance. The gloves are touchscreen compatible. They offer the highest ANSI cut resistance level of A9 and the highest NIJ needlestick resistance rating.


Agility Pants

Tru-Spec’s 24-7 Series men’s Agility Pants are specifically designed for everyday carry and on-the-job performance. The nylon-blend stretch oxford pants are treated with water-resistant DWR and include features like a hidden stretch waist, crotch gusset for mobility, and a tailored straight fit. The pants offer plenty of storage, including front and back pockets, zippered low-profile anti-snag cargo pockets, and a DropN cell phone pocket.