Leonardo, maker of ELSAG Plate Hunter automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology for law enforcement, has announced a new ALPR system that delivers an economical means of deployment in cities and neighborhoods.

The new system answers a specific request from customers. The solar-powered, pole-mounted, all-in-one ELSAG Street Sentry is a low-cost system and a key component of Leonardo’s initiative to make ALPR technology accessible for agencies of all sizes, the company says.

“Street Sentry is a game-changer,” said Jason Laquatra, general manager of Leonardo’s U.S. subsidiary Selex ES Inc. “It makes the force-multiplying benefits of our ALPR affordable, even for small agencies. Couple that with our industry-leading support and it’s never been a better time to start or grow your ALPR program.”

The ELSAG Street Sentry reads plates 24/7 on city and neighborhood streets to identify suspect vehicles and provide data to officers for real-time interdiction and investigations. Agencies can install it at a single location or at multiple sites to create an ALPR safety net in their community. Street Sentry seamlessly incorporates into existing ELSAG ALPR/ANPR networks or performs effectively on its own. This solar-powered solution will be attractive to agencies with green initiatives.

 “Our long history of ALPR development helps us to build strong partnerships with agencies globally,” said Laquatra. “Every solution we bring to market is purpose-built and field-tested for the quality and dependability required for the critical rigors of law enforcement, and we’re excited about the opportunities Street Sentry brings to the safety of our communities.”