Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has announced the launch of the Ion M640x tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS). The American designed, developed, and manufactured UAS builds on the capabilities of the Ion M440 (a Blue sUAS).

“Our proven, U.S.-based engineering expertise and focus on defense and public safety markets means our customers are getting the most secure and capable UAS solutions,” said Thomas Rambo, senior director of Unmanned and Integrated Solutions at Teledyne FLIR. “The Ion M640x builds on our unique position as a domestic provider of unmanned systems and sensing technology and boasts high resolution infrared imaging, smart object tracking, laser illumination, and industry-leading support and service.”

The Ion M640x features a 640 x 512 infrared sensor providing twice the resolution of similar UAS platforms, and a near-infrared (NIR) laser illuminator. The NIR illuminator enables operators to pinpoint objects of interest for increased coordination and visibility for other mission participants. Ion M640x also includes all-new smart object tracking that enables operators to designate an object for the aircraft to detect and track while it moves. Other new features include an SD card to easily retrieve photos and video recorded during flight, as well as tri-band radio capabilities.

Easily portable at about four pounds, the Ion M640x is rated for operation in demanding environments, including rain and wind.

The ION M640x is evolved from the Ion M440, one of the original five UAS platforms approved by the U.S. Department of Defense under the Blue sUAS program, for sale to U.S. military and federal agencies. The M440 was developed by Gainesville, FL-based Altavian Inc., which FLIR acquired in December 2020.

The Ion M640x is backed by Teledyne FLIR's standards for service, training, and technical support.

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