Vector Solutions, a leading provider of industry-focused software solutions for training, workforce management and risk communications, has acquired Envisage Technologies, a leader in unified training, compliance, and performance software for public safety.

"With a common vision of elevating the safety and success of public safety agencies and the communities they serve, the combined companies cover the complete ecosystem of public safety workforce and operational readiness," the company says. ​​

The Envisage product line is anchored by its flagship product, the Acadis Readiness Suite, and includes public safety training management for agencies of all sizes, as well as document management, internal affairs case management, early intervention, performance management and more. Envisage systems are used by more than 11,000 agencies and 2 million first responders, serving federal agencies, law enforcement organizations, military commands, state POSTs, and state and local public safety organizations.

“Pairing Envisage and Vector together just makes sense,” said Vector Solutions CEO Marc Scheipe. “Separately, each company serves the public safety market in distinctive and valuable ways, but together, we multiply those strengths to create a unified solution that will connect content and technology in ways no one else is doing, ultimately delivering insights and knowledge to first responders to help them make safer, smarter, better decisions. We are committed to serving public safety and its many critical industries—from fire to law enforcement to federal government and more. The Envisage team has built an impressive offering and we are excited to welcome them to Vector.”

Envisage Technologies CEO Ari Vidali said, “The future of public safety lies in technology solutions that empower people, embody best practices, enable agility, and connect operations to desired outcomes. We will remain hyperfocused on ensuring that our responders are trained, equipped and ready. With Vector, we are joining a seasoned team that, like us, has over 20 years of experience in leveraging technology in critical environments. Together, we are reimagining what is possible at the intersection of people, technology, content, and data to enable safer, smarter, and better decisions across all dimensions of public safety.”  

Norwest Venture Partners, a leading investment firm who previously held a majority share in Envisage, will remain a minority investor in the combined entity.

At the beginning of 2020, Norwest announced it acquired Envisage to help the company scale operations to meet increasing customer demand. “In addition to Envisage’s positive social impact, we’re proud of its tremendous growth and ultimately a terrific outcome for all stakeholders,” said Rob Arditi, co-head of Growth Equity at Norwest. “Norwest worked collaboratively with the Envisage team to build a roadmap for scaling the business,” said Ran Ding, partner at Norwest.

Together, Vector Solutions and Envisage will serve more than 21,000 public safety customers and 3.2 million first responders. "Clients can expect to receive the same level of outstanding products, innovation, and customer service to which they have been accustomed. The shared approach of strong customer service with additional resources and industry expertise will further strengthen the overall Vector Envisage offering," the company says.

Shea & Company served as the exclusive financial advisor to Envisage and Norwest on the transaction.