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The children of a man killed by police in Louisiana's capital city five years ago have accepted a $4.5 million settlement from the local government, the man's family and the city's mayor said Friday.

Alton Sterling's 2016 shooting by a Baton Rouge police officer was captured on video and sparked anger and protests in the city's black community.

Officers were responding to a call of a man with a gun. The officers confronted Sterling, and the incident ended with Sterling on the ground and the officers struggling with him. Sterling was shot multiple times in the struggle. Officers found a .38 revolver in his pants pocket and reported that Sterling was reaching for the weapon.  

The officer who shot Sterling was initially fired, but then allowed to resign, and the other officer was suspended. Neither was charged criminally after state and federal investigations.

The initial funds will be allocated from the city-parish's Insurance Reserve Fund, with the remaining payments pulled from the annual operating budget, NPR reports.