Knott Laboratory LLC, a forensic engineering and animation firm, has created a new division—Digital Media Forensics—to assist law enforcement with in-depth analysis of digital evidence.

Digital Media Forensics is a state-of-the-art process that uses existing digital evidence and data to recreate crime scenes previously not obtainable. The digital evidence is meshed in a variety of formats to clearly communicate the case to a jury.

"Cameras are becoming more prolific with each passing year, and the footage and photographs they produce contain much more information beyond the image displayed," the company says. The Force Science Institute has presented in its “Honest But Not Accurate” article that “[Cameras] don’t capture images in 3D or represent distances accurately.” Knott Laboratory’s Digital Media Forensics experts can take this footage and represent the 3D scene and distances accurately to prove or disprove points of a case, according to the company.

Digital Media Forensics can use video and audio evidence from body-worn cameras, surveillance cameras, in-vehicle video systems, cell phones, drones, smart doorbells, and traffic cameras. It can merge this evidence with a Point Cloud to find key factors such as positions of people, vehicles, and objects; second-by-second timelines of events; speed, pitch, yaw, roll, and angles of objects; locations of evidence; and points of rest.

“Digital analysis at this level is a new necessity for law enforcement,” said Stanley Stoll, CEO and principal engineer at Knott Laboratory. “We see cases scrutinized in the media. Every detail in our work is scientifically accurate, providing that needed transparency, while clearly presenting the facts of the case.”

In addition to video analysis, Knott Laboratory’s Digital Media Forensics experts can use motion capture, real-time simulation, interactive visualizations, and virtual reality to create custom case presentations.

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About Knott Laboratory LLC

Knott Laboratory is comprised of structural and mechanical engineers, fire and explosion investigators, forensic animators, accident reconstructionists, former law enforcement officers, and digital media forensics experts. This combination of expertise allows the company to serve a wide variety of industries such as attorneys, insurance companies, construction, community management, and law enforcement. Each project is assigned a team suited to the particular needs of the case and client. Knott Laboratory then provides investigation, analysis, animation production, and expert witness testimony. The company is headquartered in Centennial, CO.