The NYPD is being criticized for deploying a "robot dog" at a domestic incident at a housing authority building in the Kips Bay neighborhood Monday.

The NYPD told Fox 5 the 70-pound, four-legged robot, equipped with cameras, lights, two-way communication, and artificial intelligence allowing it to move on its own, remained on standby during Monday’s response while human officers arrested the suspect and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon.

"I think it really speaks to the skewed priorities of their leadership," State Sen. Brad Hoylman said.

Hoylman, who represents the district where this incident took place, thought deploying the $74,000 Boston Dynamics robot dog anywhere undermined police-community relations, but especially in a public housing complex where residents might already mistrust the police.

"They deserve policing that is humane and human," Hoylman said.

This marks at least the third time the department has deployed one of these robot dogs—a device still in, what the NYPD called, its test phase.