Today at PowerDMS’s annual user conference, Entrust, the company introduced new data analytics capabilities to its cloud-based policy management platform for public safety. Using the new features, compliance professionals will have advanced data and insights at their fingertips, so that they can efficiently spot trends and make timely decisions to maintain compliance and better mitigate risk.

PowerDMS provides software tools to organize and manage an organization’s critical policies, documents, and industry accreditation standards, and allows for training and testing of employees. With this integrated analytics tool, PowerDMS will give customers a deeper level of insight into their organization’s data.

Ed Goodman is the accreditation manager and CALEA assessor at the Buckeye (AZ) Police Department, one of the fastest growing cities in the country. According to Goodman, who participated in beta testing analytics, “PowerDMS’s new analytics capabilities provide sound data and crucial insight. At a glance, I know how well our officers have tested on new policies, how well they comprehend them, and the action needed to appropriately follow up. This tool will enable our managers and executive level staff to derive actionable insights, resulting in timely and data-supported decision making.”

Customers will be able to easily filter reports by department or role and export them in eight different formats. These reports can then be automated, or easily scheduled and sent to supervisors to empower them with the information they need to hold employees accountable. 

Additionally, over 10 new interactive dashboards will provide high-level data that can be drilled down for further analysis. These insights can be used to address potential problems before they happen, providing a more proactive approach to risk mitigation and compliance management. For example, bar graphs of the most and least viewed policies can reveal what documents are getting the most attention, or need to be read more frequently. This holistic view of an organization’s compliance content, along with how it’s being consumed, will help promote greater communication and enable customers to focus their efforts as efficiently as possible.

“Compliance professionals want a solution that helps them stay up-to-date on their tasks and quickly take action when the need arises,” said Jaime Stella, vice president of product for PowerDMS. “Our new analytics tool will do just that, while helping to mitigate risk and reduce liability related to noncompliance.” 

Analytics is powered by a superior reporting engine to provide fast data access for manipulation, filtering, and analysis. Near real-time updates will enable users to understand their data as it evolves over time. Analytics will be  available to all Pro customers as a part of their annual subscription to PowerDMS beginning on April 1. This will include ongoing updates and the creation of new reports and dashboards based on customer feedback.

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