RollKall, provider of the law enforcement profession’s only comprehensive off-duty solution business, has announced the acquisition of off-duty management system Cover Your Assets (CYA).

RollKall is now the nation’s leading provider of off-duty and “extra-duty” law enforcement staffing solutions and services. The acquisition establishes RollKall as the largest provider in the space—having enabled more than $1 billion in off-duty payments. This equates to the company representing 10 times the amount of job experience and twice as many hours recorded, as compared to any other market player in this estimated $12 billion industry.

“Public safety involves trust, integrity and accountability, and CYA has been the pioneer in the public safety secondary employment management space, based on those values—driven by two decades of experience,” said Steven Power, president of RollKall.

Power adds, "By bringing together RollKall and Cover Your Assets, we're able to more effectively progress toward our vision and mission of connecting everyday heroes to the communities they serve. We're eager to further unify and transform this historically fragmented industry by continuing to equip business owners, law enforcement agencies and officers with innovative technology that brings greater transparency and effectiveness as they serve our communities."

The off-duty industry is one of the nation’s fastest-growing niche markets—one that until now has been limited by tedious and time-consuming management processes, RollKall said. The company said its success and rapid expansion can be largely attributed to its ongoing mission to find new ways to alleviate the pain points of off-duty program management through ever-evolving technology innovation. Its acquisition of CYA further demonstrates its commitment to constant improvement, by addressing the industry’s most pressing need: simple, efficient and cost-effective staffing solutions, the company said.

As a result of the acquisition, RollKall has collectively:

* Enabled over $1 billion in payments to officers

* Facilitated more than 29.6 million hours, representing over 6.1 million off-duty jobs

* Served over 59,000 officers, representing 1,420 law enforcement agencies across 38 states

* Assisted more than 37,500 businesses across tens of thousands of locations

"Public safety involves trust, integrity and accountability, and CYA has been the pioneer in the public safety secondary employment management space, based on those values—driven by two decades of experience," said Ted Cormier, founder of CYA. "We have been massively successful in managing off-duty services, but as the industry grows and evolves, change requires thoughtful and strategic efforts to ensure trust, integrity and accountability remain. The merger of CYA and RollKall has done this, by bringing two strong platforms together, making it the best mobile, invoicing, reporting and payment solution on the market today."

RollKall’s union with CYA is just one of the strategic acquisitions on the horizon for the company. Its proactive development plan, alongside frequent introductions of new innovations, features and services, positions RollKall for rapid expansion in the coming years, the company said, adding, "The bedrock of its growth trajectory is RollKall’s continued dedication to meeting the needs of all key stakeholders in the off-duty market, including law enforcement agencies, officers, businesses, and communities."

About RollKall

RollKall partners with Law Enforcement Agencies to make it easy to coordinate and manage every facet of off-duty staffing – from hiring to payment. As the law enforcement industry’s only comprehensive off-duty solution, RollKall brings transparency to off-duty security by connecting every stakeholder in the process – businesses, officers, agencies, coordinators and the communities they serve. RollKall’s technology has powered more than 1.97 million hours of off-duty jobs across the country. Learn more about how RollKall builds safer communities at and on LinkedIn.

About CYA

Cover Your Assets (CYA) empowers law enforcement officers to complete their missions in a timely and reliable manner through uncompromising and unprejudiced levels of system functionality. With a core set of agency administration information management systems, CYA offers its comprehensive software as a Service model to address some of the industry’s most pressing pain points, enabling clients to make informed decisions about their organizations’ unique operational needs, using the business intelligence CYA’s services provide. CYA helps organizations develop, deploy and maintain their off-duty programs in a way that relieves the strain of administrative management and ultimately, reduces operational costs.